Tesla should have a much much higher market cap than GM already

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 1, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    In the past Musk has said the value of Tesla was higher than it had a right to be, but now he is saying it can go profitable in the coming quarter. If that is the case, then the EV case is proven but for context with GM as part of the petrol retail chain and petrol as a perrineal pure welfare case its debatable if GM was every really profitable and not just a structurally bankrupt tax float case even up to the point where in the midst of petrol utopia it went bankrupt.

    1. GM is structurally bankrupt.

    2. To adapt to electric autonomy GM will have to write off most of plant property- decimating its already underwater book value, and replace most of its work force or some how retrain them, and develop a substantially new IP portfolio

    3. GM can't grow it will have to do the above in the face of declining demand as electric autonomy is said to reduce cars on the road by 18x, China could be an exception but GM will face China's domestic competition either way it will need a miracle to hold on to what it has, whereas its competition can grown in the face of a declining market

    3. What is really different about GM since its bankruptcy (?) what did it really learn, its still a laggard, in denial, profit focused entity trying to hide under the Trump admin begging the newly corrupted EPA to go easy on it. On EVs despite all the posturing it is still in compliance mode with typical fail convincingly strategy on EVs. The reason people in say its domestic market buy it instead of Toyota is they want to buy American or they work for GM, but now they can buy Tesla.

    4. Its essentially part of the petrol retail chain- ironic when the best thing that could ever happen to working people is the end of defunct petrol rent seeker and this particular rent seeker element (GM) threw its own workers under the bus blaming its union during the derivative (insuring bad petrol debt and all of it is bad) induced crash of 07.

    5. Look at its dirty advertising and posturing. How many times have we seen that silly old Edmunds review of an old auto pilot vs Cruise even recently- Clean Technica the most recent one trying to pitch this as new and then in the fine print it says its from January with an old autopilot promising a new video that for months now hasn't come out.

    6. The next Bolt is coming out in 2025- 7 years from now- they just don't get it. What will they do when Tesla hits their trucks. An electric pick up will destroy any kind of petrol truck.

    Maven, Lyft and Cruise are posturing.

    Have to admit Maven is going in the right direction. Volt and Bolt weren't so bad. But really what else are they doing? They put Cruise on a gas guzzler- because again they don't get it, they are part of the group trying to argue that petrol is a better fit for autonomy. They just don't get it.
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