Tesla Shorts need to be investigated for Criminal and Civil Prosecution

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Sep 28, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Unless there is some good legal reason otherwise it seems very easy to see that paying to spread lies in order to profit from damaging a companies finances is fraud both criminal and civil pure and simple- seems it should be every bit as illegal as something like insurance fraud. If I am wrong surely there should be laws added to the books to cover this- maybe this case will help create the desperately needed fix. But presumably there are laws and presumably this is why Chanos and crew back tracked when challenged by one of the firm's they were targeting.

    Here the timing on this looks conspiratorial between the SEC and the same damn shorts or petrol backed entities that have been vandalizing Tesla's finances. The reason for attempting to take the firm private and it could still happen was to get away from this sort of corruption.

    The claim is shorting is a kind of insurance that is use to remove volatility but the SEC just enriched the same damn shorts that were causing the problem in the first place and all because some of these shorts might have lost money in their apparent fraud (criminal) activity because Tesla and Musk were attempting to put an end to these fraudulent manipulations

    I know money is getting tight but my hope is Tesla and Musk grow a set and sue every one of these entities including the SEC itself- because what the SEC is doing seems malicious and corrupt and that can bee seen even in the timing and even it seems in the charges (disclaimer we don't know everything only what is getting out but it looks really really bad.) Overall the petrol opponents may just be trying to distract- and this is looking like the kind of sht that happens in a dictatorship. Musk and Tesla need to have the attitude of fighting this obvious corruption to the death as this is petrol trying dirty conspiratorial tricks to try to avoid the impact of the hard example set by Tesla. They want to make Tesla another fail convincingly fraud-but we as the human race for our survival need them gone. They also want to punish Tesla for its success and train the market to assume good things for Tesla can only produce marginal gains or losses going forward.

    We've been here before with what looks like the scam that caused the break up with Mobile Eye. Part of this is petrol is terrified of Version 9 just like they were with where AP1 was prior to the break up. This was also them hiding behind the Trump and Kavenaugh drama.
    Tesla need to mobilize its fan base as well to push on the politicians to get the SEC to drop this obvious bit of corruption and work to make sure it doesn't happen again. The absolutely most outrageous bit of BS is these entities committing what looks to be blatant retched fraud and then over the losses they incurred while committing the fraud thinking with massive hypocrisy that they can draw in a government agency to help them aid and abet or further their crime, which the SEC appears to have done with damage to the stock price and more gains for the shorts from its action. Tesla really needs to start investigating and assert counter suits and press charges in return. Hoping Tesla can find a way to recover from these firms and possible the SEC for damage that has been done over these apparent frauds incessant and unending as they have been.

    On the other hand it did seem strange that Goldman was invited in to help structure a deal, because how well would Goldman's petrol derivatives do which they have certainly doubled or tripled down on do if Tesla were to become bigger than Amazon or Apple or both put together? All of this seems designed to reward short or at least cushion them for the positive news that is coming and the impact of the Model 3 really hitting the public consciousness.

    Naturally Tesla has legal counsel expert in these things but really hope no one decides to go soft now. Fondest hope is shorting as an industry becomes illegal over this, at least the profit needs to be regulated out of it- maybe its possible to set it ups so that insurance is possible but not profiting. Criticism and light thrown on corporate activities is great but this sort of thing is just fraud and corruption and the kind of stuff that lead to people profiting from 911- we have some of the same shorts involved in profiting from 911 involved in this?
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