Tesla Shorts about to get BOUNCED again!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Mar 30, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Notice that in the middle of an engineered plunge Tesla did the recall? Seen that pattern before. But the plunge was made primarily out of manufactured claims and spin about other spin on model 3 production itself. Its clear that Telsa has to make enough Model 3s to float financially but even at the current rate that is not in doubt, even at its current rate vehicle sales will double over the next year and revenue will double with all the rest that its doing. That is utter short distruction, but it will short destruction as soon a Tesla slightly exceeds the phony benchmarks that the petrol shill media set up for it which it will do in the next couple days or likely the timing he recall would be different.

    So once again the numbers will be higher than expected and the shorts will bounce. What are short losses up to now 25 billion beyond any gain? Is it a historical record for any company? Granted some shorts made a little on the engineered plunge but then never seem to come out ahead of their losses, many seem ruined by them. So guessing if this wasn't about to happened they would have delayed the news a bit on the recall- if that's possible. But more likely its Musk and crew working to slap the shorts again and they deserve it.

    Tesla shorts have to be the stupidest shorters on Earth by far. They are generally betting against their own survival and betting the past won't keep repeating itself as it has done with their perpetual losses. The shorts bet against people understanding the direction of their own survival. They are like people who bet against the light bulb after the lights went on and the night lit up in New York. Its as if people are supposed to believe the lit night was a fluke. hey definitely lack contextual understanding. All you have to do is look at the education of Obama. He came from a petrol town, no way he would have touched coal. But he learned that Enron, 911, Iraq (1&2,) Afganistan weren't enough in the way of bailouts to keep petrol from crashing the global economy as it did again in 2007- he learned who the protagonists were- look at how the relationship with both Saudi Arabia and Israel cooled under Obama (probably had a lot to do with 911) and he took action- going green and Tesla was part of that result.

    The extremists behind petrol are trying to take rule by petrol fiat even as it hollows everything and bankrupts and enslaves even in the US. They think they are back in power but all sorts of land mine were set for them, people haven't forgotten 07- they can't run from their history of betrayal. Think of the irony of them claiming they are pro democracy!

    But lets rehash it once again based on first principles type thinking (part of Musk's physics/econ approach) about why petrol suck so bad economically and will never improve (by the way I happen to believe that in a relative sense petrol is unlimited- in majority it ain't old solar- see the new big mainstream theory in geology):
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member


    The impenetrable core of why petrol suck so bad economically has to do with logistics and the supply chain that are impossible to improve. Petrol is so bad it might as well be an economy based on mining things off Pluto-this scarcity inducing attribute is the reason it was hitched to the dollar in the early 70s. Petrol has always been radically subsidized to cover this. Its loss making model was viable until about 1950 (started to hear about peak oil because it was never in the black) but even under the hollowing out subsidy its gotten much worse over time and will be impossible to improve- its had 50 years of going backwards at an increasing clip. Today because most of the policy makers know or have a strong hint of this even its totally subsidized assets (revenues subsidized to 150%) are stranded but not just stranded politically (can't handle more hollowing out- especially of public sector) they are stranded economically- the petro infrastructure is built out and its at global scale and even with its radical subsidies its at an un-competitive 13 cents a kwh and its never ever getting lower. Its would be in the 30 cents kwh range without global subsidies, which some states suffer with providing more than others (US suffers horrible damage over this) for comparison petrol is competing against tech that is at 3 cents a kwh almost everywhere now unsubsidized and is a 1 for 1 replacement with a supply that is truly unlimited relative to forseeable human needs on the planet but also with radically better access. Its a 10x real difference today (but that gap will grow until the alternative is almost free- something that can't happen with petrol) but we aren't supposed to realize that because we are supposed to prop up the money and power of fools- sorry just no!

    Old garden variety slow as molasses solar with battery is now better than hot fusion. Up to now this old emulate trees approach is a turtle that's improved 17000x since introduction and will improve 17000x more to its limit on cost performance but its beat all the countless over unity tech out there (suppressed just like solar has been in its own way- if left to the USG we woudln't have it, it was Germany and China that pushed it beyond where radically subsidized petrol could ever go) because its the tech that got through and it doesn't add to heat pollution or hand individuals easy access to a heavy weapon level of energy and it has an equitable energy model that cuts slavery inducing toll road cords, whereas petrol reinforces them. So its responsible and now obvious and very well known at this point. It even kind of works like a true crop that you can put on your roof so you don't have to use arable land!!

    The absolute truth on this is that the big totally dependable hot fusion reactor in the sky brings you the energy for free every day. You don't have to find it or ship it or pay for it. It is utterly dependable (and if its not, its over anyway) and the stuff that collects it is made of sand and the stuff that stores it is recyclable and presently made of material more abundant than lead and all of it solid state- even the stuff that utilizes it like electric cares or Lilium's electric over jets are practically solid state- add magnetic bearings and not much even touches. Also there is a totally predictable straight line costs in these systems, no guess work on the cost of power 30 years from now, no speculation idiocy. No using this to cushion the rich from deflation at the cost of everyone else. cont...
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Petrol as a competitor is just designed to get people to work longer hours and strip them of their wealth and turn tax for most people into pure oppression- making the petrol dollar was designed to use its known scarcity inducing properties to hollow up the public sector so an obsolete paid off capital class could retain its claim on power and wealth. Petrol is subsidized to 150% globally and still needs ruinous wars as bailouts or austerity supported financial collapses with increasing frequency and severity and even when its working right it still incurs massive destabilizing debt and even when its never actually be profitable (its pure welfare- as in Tillerson proposing a carbon tax to tie petrol to Social Security- right side unjustifiable paid off welfare holding legitimate left side welfare hostage) its still paying absolutely unjustifiable profits and dividends- its low economic efficiency hollows everything out especially the state (public sector) as the only power that could could check the capitalists that have been obsolete for 50 years now, since the solution to the scarcity problem was 50 years ago (yep happened even with petrol in place- but this is them trying to roll it back.) When you throw in the indirect costs its another 6-7 trillion a year in externalities and this is on top of the wars and stuff like the TARP bailout of the rich and now its pushing more destruction as petrol holds financial system and pensions hostage with bail-ins Cyprus style for its next programmed collapse.

    Again with petrol you have to look at the full destructive impoverishing cost chain where it is necessary to:

    Fight for it
    Defend it
    Extract it
    Ship it

    Store it
    Refine it
    Store it again
    Ship it
    Let the shipping of the heavy nucleus laden liquids tear up your roads
    store it again
    Retail it
    Burn it
    Keep up all the Rube Goldberg mechanical junk that breaks down trying to burn it
    pollute your food
    pollute your air
    pollute your water
    pollute your blood
    pollute and damage your cardio vascular system
    pollute your ocean
    let it limit your access to water
    let it limit your access to food over the limited access to water
    let it damage your cardio system
    let it dumb you down with things like led in the gas
    let it fuel wars over migratory climate change and access to food and over access to its
    supply in a world that is nuclear and where each war is Russian roullett with every life on
    the planet totally unnecessarily on the line.
    let it destroy your democracies with its stupid backward unjustifiable welfare barron

    toll road property model.
    let it destroy democracies with client states attempting to use its political externalities
    to pupetize parent states and the populations for useless unjustifiable wars.
    suffer the nonsense about clean petrol- it would be like clean cigarettes- not even
    e cigs are clean.
  5. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Any improvement in petrol's unworkable economics would entail tech so radical it would obviate the need for petrol in the first place. Some thing on the order of efficient conversion of energy into matter or cheap efficient teleportation would be needed to make it remotely competitive- have to get around the losses incurred from lugging the full weight of atoms across long distances where the replacement moves electrons by super conductance (common DC HP lines now) or even better light travels to the source on its own accord an almost no movement of electrons.

    So petrol sucks beyond measure, its is the cause of most of the problems in the world. There is no repairing it there is only eliminating it. Now its even driving tarifs because petrol states or states that stupidly refuse to disgorge its ill-gotten gain mechanics and address necessary retribution over the losses its caused internally and globally are trying to double down with tarrifs because they know if they don't go green they will never ever be able to compete on cost of goods in trade. Petrol is the cause of tariffs in the US but how predictable that the pimped out common man is being held up as the reason for this when he was victimized by it.

    There are a few conceptual hurdles people grapple with. One is there was a time and a place for petrol. That is true. Another is we can't just switch petrol off today. Yes but we could do it so fast people would think it a miracle because the replacement is that good and that radically superior- people would literally find themselves working less for a much higher standard of living over night throwing off the economic slavery petrol has been creating making necessary high indexed GAIs more obvious and easier. The other thing people grapple with is the idea that petrol supply or cost at retail matters (as if the petrol industry is the most pathetic helpless industry in history) both are utterly irrelevant except that truly high costs drive the alternative even faster. But artificially low costs don't exist that's just you paying more at tax time and even gluts aren't passed on they are eaten up on speculation or on taxing people indirectly to protect the useless rich from deflation or on bailing out hapless petrol producers. But the true key here is to understand that even if much of what of what is under the crust of the Earth were made of petrol and it regenerating by radio active thorium decay or some other abiotic genesis theory petrol relative to solar (even in terms of raw access for instant demand) is like the water you can carry in your row boat next to liquid that's in lake superior that the boat is floating on.

    Finally there is this argument that the low grade fertilizer and plastics and chemical/drugs side of petrol can survive business wise the necessary collapse of petrol fuel/oil- that is true but it won't replace the revenue nor will make up for the improper type of demand creation peoples taxes were used for when attempting to spur demand or growth of demand with petrol the very wrong kind of supply side as it was too much of a lean or loser scarcity inducing proposition by design. These people have to be made to understand that they made bad investment decisions (really criminal ones) and have to eat the costs- Republican party needs the blame for this too. No more stupid municipal bond backed for-profit local monopoly utilities- use the rural cooperative model or something even more equitable- do open collaboratives if virtual plants are needed.
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  6. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    Tesla didn't get shorted because someone doesn't like electric cars. That is how the market works.
    Why do you over associate?
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    Because troll

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    No simple troll would put in this much work on a regular basis.
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    Hes a complex troll
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