Tesla short losses greatly understated in media?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Recently S3's Ihor said that short losses on Tesla since 2016 were in the range of 3 billion dollars. Normally Ihor does great analysis but this low ball estimate from someone who covers this for a living (Ihor) and is generally super pro Tesla with great analysis makes me wonder if its a situation where the writer is being told: say all you want positive on Tesla but when we need it understate the short. Again like his analysis but don't get this apparently radical short understatement.

    To highlight some of what has gone on with this Tesla stock went up and all the idiot petrol captured media could talk about was how it would be devastating for parasite shorts and that this should have consequences- see how wrong that it?

    Media is also full of a bunch of BMW bs. Stuff like BMW should be the acquisition target and all this crap about the i8 and i9, BMW is irrelevant at this point. They have been so busy smoking Trump's crack pipe I do think they go bankrupt. People are always going to choose Tesla over these anti human rights petrol perp companies.

    Lets go over the reasons why you'd have to be a FOOL to short Tesla (Cramer pointed out some points the other day but here are some others)

    1. Highest Market cap of US automakers in the context of newly earned highest market cap and with persistence in a way that is now fully justified- you don't hear Musk saying the company is over valued anymore- quite the opposite.

    2. CEO's 23 million twitter followers are all likely people who would buy Tesla's and that chunk of the US market with turn over calculated in would make Tesla dominant in the US market- not none of the Big 3 have anything like this.

    3. Highest pre order in history- really inventing it by far but no one else can produce the draw- there are some backed up orders in Norway for Konas but that is different, people piled onto Tesla before even knowing about the car fully.

    4. Highest good will of any automaker petrol supply chain retailer automakers are basically psychopathic petrol perps which makes them anti human rights by default despite their PR blather.

    5. Highest customer satisfaction- this is persistent.

    6. Domination of segments and holding them as in the case of the most ego highest cost luxury segment where Tesla is dominant and the new status symbol and this is globally now for about 6 years and with just 2 prior models.

    7. Force of disruption, look at the semi and the roadster and soon to be the Tesla pick up.

    8. Tesla did all this without advertising and the lying that ad firms push on firms, customers and into the structure of prices and products. This is in part because Musk is actually super honest and delivers way more than any other CEO, and he knows that ad firms such and can't deliver for the money they suck down.

    9. Tesla has no sunk consts holding it down like lead weights.

    10. Tesla is really the only viable electric car maker outside of China so far. Jaguar is compliance numbers same with Porsche (when they actually start shipping product) and these companies simply don't innovate like Tesla nor are they even remotely as aggressive and they aren't mission focused. What the hell is Porsche's mission?

    11. Tesla is the innovator in the industry, Tesla has brought more innovation and forward thinking than the rest of the auto industry combined.

    12. Tesla is a real competitor, the rest of them are make nice colluders.

    13. Most experienced firm with autonomous vehicles.

    14. A complete energy liberation model, not more petrol enclosure.

    15. Shorts are credulous fools, look how they couldn't stop their smashing and just whined trying to go to court when they got the losses they deserved. Musk delivered the short burn of the century- how many times have short been burned so bad they resorted to trying to sue over what looks like frivolous bs.
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