Tesla Semi's coming to Vancouver Island

Discussion in 'Semi' started by electriceddy, Apr 8, 2021.

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  1. Mosaic Forest Management has ordered 3 in a pilot project to be used as log haulers here on Vancouver Island.
    Also Quality Foods (local grocery chain) has reserved the electric Class 8 true.
    Additionally EccoWest Driven in Parksville has taken on the responsibility of building 45 commercial truck charging stations later this fall.
    Great to see, the semi's should regain a ton of energy on the trip down the mountains with full loads of logs:
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  3. I can see an electric logging truck being suited to this kind of hauling. The logs usually come from an upper cut, high up the mountain, and then brought down to a mill. So when going uphill the truck will use less energy as it is empty. But when fully loaded going down, it should be able to regen a lot energy back into the battery.
  4. bwilson4web

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    Excellent observation. It would work in West Virgina where they may still be capping coal seams high on the mountains.

    Bob Wilson
  5. The Elektro Dumper in use since 2019 generates about 200 kWh of surplus energy every day from regeneration and has to offload it to the factory it hauls materials for. I can see the same scenario in this logging format. I posted this some time ago:
    I can foresee some Tesla Powerpacks being utilized at the commercial charger installations exactly for this purpose:)
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  6. Yes, I had vaguely remembered seeing that idea before.
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    I also have the same case, thanks for this solution!
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