Tesla S dominating BMW 7, MB's S, Top Audi & Lexus for 6 years now

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 25, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    We've heard all the BS excuses.

    The Germans were just working with old designs new designs are around the corner.
    Nope, not for 6 years.

    Sorry German quality is down, way down. Same can't be said for Lexus so that's probably not the issue. German Luxury- that is BS too, domination is domination for the money is no object crowd. Oh German handling... more BS- always trying to say the S is a straight line machine.

    Sorry her is something of a fact, the cold hard fact. If you have the money to buy an Tesla S and you buy a ICE machine you're an idiot. Its really that simple.

    And yet from non other than crap mag the Economist (Economist used to be relevant and intelligent but now it has criminals for editors and writers who say things like the French need to work long hours to support the idle non contributing rich) saying as Tesla share price drops its becomes a take over target. It tries to soften this by suggesting that Musk's rocket company could acquire it, but its basically the paid moron or idiot perspective the criminal petrol class putting out the same BS. But again in line with people who just can't understand how radically inferior ICE junk is. Heard the same types saying that the Germans will never let these firms go bankrupt just like the US didn't let GM and Chrysler go under. But this looks like it will actually be a much worse smack down and it won't just be Tesla. Are the Germans going to be locking out the Chines makes?
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