Tesla Q4 2017 sales report

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by Domenick, Jan 3, 2018.

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  2. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Perhaps its only "disappointing" because people got their hopes up too high, altho certainly Elon's habit of making inflated predictions has not helped in that regard!

    Tesla isn't growing as fast as they predicted? Okay, that's somewhat disappointing. But let's not forget that Tesla is still by far the fastest-growing auto maker of any significant size! Surely that at least allows one to take a "glass half full" perspective instead of a "glass half empty" one?

    Tesla’s global automobile sales totals:
    2012: 2650
    2013: 22,300
    2014: 31,655 (+41.95%)
    2015: 50,580 (+59.8%)
    2016: 76,230 (+50.7%)
    2017: 101,312 (+32.9%)

    I think those numbers are rather exciting; not disappointing at all!

    Go Tesla!
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    That way they can ignore what happened in December 2018:

    ~4,800 - Model S
    ~3,400 - Model X
    ~1,050 - Model 3

    The trend lines over the last four months suggest this is not just a blip.

    The real problem are the Chevy Bolt sales that have linear increase in sales over the past four months. It is so rare to see no variation in monthly sales that it makes one go "hummmm."

    Bob Wilson
  4. I say disappointing because they're far short of stated (and downwardly-revised) targets. Tesla needs to get the production numbers up for a large number of reasons, not the least of which is they need the revenue to fund further ambitious expansion.

    Certainly they are great numbers when put into historical context, but if the company wants to launch new product, which will need new factories (and battery gigafactories), then they are disappointing.
  5. December production of the Model S is down at least partly because they pulled people from that line to work on the Model 3. Without access to their sales info, it's hard to say how reflective the reduction is of demand.

    The Chevy Bolt is the least of Tesla's worries, though, until GM decides it wants to sell them in large numbers, which will require them bolstering the supply chain and lowering the price.
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  7. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Chevy Bolt EV sales are not a "problem" for Tesla. Tesla's serious competition is gasmobiles, not other EVs. And if GM continues production of the Bolt EV at the current rate, then that's going to be capped at ~30,000 per year. That's hardly a challenge to Tesla's goal of ~400,000 per year for the Model 3!

    In fact, sales of the Bolt EV will help normalize the idea of driving a BEV, which in turn will help boost Tesla's sales. As they say: "A rising tide lifts all boats."
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