Tesla Pros & ICE Maker Cons

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    Tesla pros

    No advertising but best marketing

    No dealers

    No unions- (labor and by extension capital has been over for 50 years and the unions are fossil fuel corrupted)

    No fossil fuel hit- actually takes credits

    No sunk cost in old factories

    No revenue to lose in the 10-18x autonomy vehicle reduction

    No market share to lose in 10-18x autonomy vehicle reduction

    No negative goodwill from fossil fuels

    Massive mind share from Musk

    Most exciting vehicle line up in the history of the industry

    Vertical integration and margin savings right down into mining real estate and battery production

    No extraneous models

    Best over the air update

    A cost customer cutter for internet (Starlink soon) and power/fuel, insurance and maintenance

    A time saver on commutes autonomy, maintenance, much less time wasted at service stations

    Originator in the market of a new energy basis- a complete cord cutting replacement

    Green cred

    About to hit center of huge markets and market segments

    About to be on 3 continents

    Highest performance vehicles

    Highest safety vehicles

    Further along on autonomy- only Google competes

    Integrated energy from roof top to utility scale and batteries will apparently enter HVAC

    Benefits from star link

    Massive influence just introducing leading product designs

    Not a profit first company but a mission first company that gives its products a huge value advantage

    Utterly dominated the high end of the market for coming up on a decade- hitting midmarket just as hard

    Much lower manufacturing energy costs

    Much greener energy manufacturing costs

    Huge advantage with software

    Huge advantage with charging network

    Still has fastest charging on V3 (Porsche charging is actually slower but a good bit- not even close to 1000mph- look at the better reviews on this.

    Has its own autonomy fleet figured out and stocked through recovery of leased Model 3s

    Million mile battery figured out- integrating super caps- its coming battery tech sounds better than Toyota's solid state specs

    Convoy tech on semi beats rail economics economics

    CEO will work for free if value not generated- in contract

    Highest pace of innovation

    First viable solar roof panels

    Revolutionary $50 a month solar- rental model no strings

    Tesla is literally destroying BMW

    Beginning to exceed speed of announced product deadlines- you never see that elsewhere

    World class panel gaps (per Bob Lutz)

    Much improved paints

    Tons of converted critics like Monroe

    Best EV margins by far

    No longer needs fed EV rebates

    Tesla is the best positioned foreign producer in China

    Tesla sales are up when everyone else's are down way down

    Tesla revenue set to leap up again with China coming on line

    Massive success in Norway, Netherlands Switzerland UK, AU

    Own autonomy chip

    Huge advantage on real world autonomy miles collected- strong on simulated miles

    Huge advantage with real world autonomy deployment

    Tesla autonomy tech is not geo-fence restricted

    Tesla much more sought out by best grads than any competitor

    Never had more stable financial footing

    Not subject to ICE climate litigation like competitors

    Much less not invented here syndrome

    Highest resale values

    Highest customer satisfaction

    Highest customer goodwill

    Most prestigious brand

    Best social media presence

    Highest valued US automaker by market

    Most anticipated new vehicle with pickup

    Tesla has flattened lines of communication

    Easiest lines of public feedback

    Tesla has most activist share holders

    Tesla provides real value doesn't gouge or nickel and dime

    Tesla's solutions harden against climate change

    Tesla provides full scope solutions to cord cutters

    Tesla has new factories and it is not in built out markets

    Tesla provides a way for people leave ICE makes

    Almost all Tesla vehicles are autonomy ready

    Tesla benefits from association with SpaceX and Boring

    Tesla's energy products are radically superior to anything the fossil fuel incumbents will ever be able to offer- much quicker, radically cheaper, radically more reliable.

    Momentum is with Tesla

    Expectations and psychological outlook for ICE makes are negative by contract quite positive
    with Tesla

    ICE maker cons continued below
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    Tesla will have clean out and town charging

    ICE Maker Cons

    ICE competitors tend to be led by people without the requisite education and without the requisite drive without the requisite vision with a profit vice mission focus that makes them weak with a lot of cognitive dissonance over obsolete sunk cost that they can't write off with work forces without the requisite skill set with massively diluted share basis with some of the firms paying massive idiotic dividends with the market seeing through it and still tanking the share price (Ford) and with dealers that insist on designed to fail products and with exec and board members from the fossil fuel cartels or interlinked fossil boards or families.

    Some are caught up in huge lawsuits. And some have marketing departments like BMW (seems it is BMW) that stick to Albert Spears press manual type tactics where in dishonest indirect but persistent ways they try to paint competitor's strengths as weaknesses even if based on their own comparative weaknesses like BMW's endless vehicle fires facing global injunctions and most are stuck in model year mote type thinking where they tic tic tic tock tic tic tic tock, tesla is tock tock tock tock... so most are way behind on tech. Most don't know how to cut costs and when they do it it is for the wrong reason (profit) at the expense of quality. Most have outsourced the relevant core competencies- they are vitamin labels. They can't cut costs for the right reasons because they are about profit for extractive cronies, so they can't do higher quality product at decreasing costs so they simply endlessly cannibalize their organizations and products. They believe they are too big to fail and hide behind jobs as they beg their government to socialize the losses of their ongoing structural bankruptcies.

    The competitor organizations tend to be unintelligent in their ideology. They tend to be about the religion called 'leadership' which makes them cult like and blind, running on superficial personality/charisma contests but when challenged they project this stuff onto competitors. These are sheep models. Leadership is delusion. No one that would qualify for the title would ever be accept it. It is a mixture of extreme vision and extreme ethical development or comparatively very high maturity rare like Ghandi(s,) Mandela(s) and MLK(s) Despite having a still motivated vested founder with some nano characteristics Tesla is still much closer to a leaderless, trustless (therefore trustable) system than its ICE competitors which are comparative vanity fairs

    The core of every ICE firm is to further enrich with ill-gotten gain some disconnected insulated indemnified non- contributing rich parasites that put everyone including themselves and their own families at risk while staying atop a wonton game of corruption while exploiting the people that make it possible. Brain dead systems run by clueless for clueless with souls made of nepotism, cronyism, bribery, blackmail and lies- entities that argue against seat belts and argue against airbags entities that put lead in the gas.... unlike Tesla which takes risks and spends and puts money at risk for the benefit of all these firms abuse the power inherent in money.

    Organizations can change- VW and MB seem to be going in the right direction right now, still uncertain about Ford and GM. BMW seems to be going backwards. Harder to say about the rest.

    Hearing that a lot of the FUD on Tesla is coming through through catch-n-kill CNBC (aka anti-neutrality Comcast) also through Florida (Fox case lie to the public precedent setter) with a handful of supposed culprits (a foreign state with fossil fuel economy tied to FB elections manipulations) and BMW and from stuff that was made public not long ago what remains of the Koch duo.
    And through a court case we saw a coal executive and an oil executive Montana skeptic. But the fudster short losses still have to be around 25 billion so far betting against Tesla- no matter what most of them are far in the red (even if some have almost endless money to spend for a while longer) and their case is dissolving. So they are burning out sensitivity to criticism of Tesla- they whine about Autopilot when its 8.5x less crashes with it on right now and approaching he magic 10x.
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    Musk also has the best 'enemies'.

    Bob Wilson

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