Tesla 'Probe'

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Sep 19, 2018.

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    As for the Tesla 'probe'- note its a 'probe' not a charge. Presumably the Right wants to stigmatize, distract, try to scare petrol friendly concessions out of Tesla to soften and slow to a stop its aggressive trajectory, and create headlines that distract from Trump where possible. But shouldn't they be probing the real stock manipulators(?) including Chanos? They also want to try to starve for access to capital. They are afraid of coming market share reports and profitability reports and AP v.9 and what that does for final model 3 reports and all of that getting out. But they face a massive backlash on this as you don't go after some one trying to reduce climate crime because his actions harmed crime and criminals. So these non-investors damage the actual investors by telling lies and trying to profit from those lies and vandalism and seem to claim because the theft yielded what they claim is profit its is justifiable. Then when they completely forseeably lose their principle even when warned of the result and even when they lost tons in the past, clearly much more than S3 has been letting on, when they really lose- they whine and think their criminality and vandalism failing to pay off entitles them to prosecute people seeking justice for climate crime and trying to stop the vandalism. This short crap shouldn't even be legal. Hope there are counter suits and prosecutions of these shorts manipulators- greatest hypocrisy ever- not like Musk didn't given them a ton of due process. This short BS dilutes necessary real corporate criticism.

    Can't leave Audi VW out. Its under criminal investigation for collusion to cheat emissions and some of its executives. But note this huge company whining about the R&D burden of duplicating what Tesla has done. And note even the Tesla skeptics complaining about how underwhelming and behind Tesla's offering Audi's and the rest of the Germans are. Noted when BMW had a global scandal for its cars catching on fire there was endless FUD about Teslas and fires presumably BMW sponsored FUD. Have to wonder if this criminal probe apparent BS has the same origin- BMW is a named colluder in the new suit by the German government against its big 3.

    Thought experiment: give Tesla 500 billion in cash no strings

    With that drop in the bucket of money guessing Elon and crew could rid the world of fossil fuel and its enslaving rent seeking in less than a decade. A tiny fraction of what was wasted trying to bail the petrol delusion out just under its more recent TARP bailout- just one of an endless stream bailouts. If America implodes it will be over the unprecedented stupidity of 50 years of idiotic enslaving petrol bailouts and needless compromises on this obsolete junk that is hollowing everything out.
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