Tesla Pickup Tow Capacity & Semi Tow Capacity

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    I expect the Tesla pick in top garb to have 7500nm. The Roadster has 10000nm without the SpaceX package (guessing the SpaceX package with a long enough chain could provide 300% of that for 90 seconds.) I think the Tesla Semi has 15000nm. Musk has said the Tesla semi could pull any Diesel semi up a hill backwards in a tug. That means pulling an Austrialian road train type diesel tractor (which pulls 300k lbs loads on the long Australian outback stretches) up a hill backwards. I think the Tesla Semi has the nm to pull 600k lbs in tow capacity it just doesn't have the rolling stock in terms of brakes, tires, traction, tractor weight and even possibly suspension depending on the set up to do it safely. We know about the nm of machines that routinely pull this kind of weight in the heavy Earth haulers e.g. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20141203-the-ultimate-monster-dumptruck
    And we also know outside of convoy mode there would likely be an efficiency hit to one trailer attempting this heavy of a load- so its not optimum, but its not because the pull capacity is limited.

    Now that earth mover with 18K plus nm moves 900k lbs regularly and its not really the pinnacle of earth moving there is a much newer even heaver style of mining convoy type design that looks like a missile launcher truck that hauls a lot more. But if you look at the link you'll see the Belaz is powered by two massive 16 cylinder diesels that drive generators and electric traction units. Its is set up like a modern train. The difference with a Tesla Semi is its using batteries instead of a tank of diesel and diesel motors. And that's a radically more efficient and reliable approach. There is no question that the 7500 nm in a Tesla pick up- (presumably high spec) could haul 4x what a typical class 8 diesel tractor is rated for or 300k lbs, the problem surely is that it won't do it with the tires and the brakes or even the suspension that comes with the truck and depending on whether its got a frame or not it might not do anything like that without radical modification- and it might not be heavy enough. I am hoping Musk uses Alumasteel- stronger and lighter than titanium with the cost of steel to get at some of this performance. Musk said the truck would use a lot of titanium, I am hoping that's been revised to this new better material coming out of Korea.

    There is no contest here, nothing controversial, its using decades and decades of industry experience with tried and true basic tech and it wins, but its also replacing diesel gas tanks and motors with batteries which is an even bigger win and one that lines up perfectly with the total quick replacement of fossil fuels and its criminal rent seeking.

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