"Tesla Model 3 Performance Crushes Fossil BMW M3 Around Race Track"

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    Its just a fact that BMW doesn't make quality anymore. Just talk the the owners. And see if you can find accurate brand loyalty- its dropping like a rock. In SoCal I don't see new BMW or Mercedes I just see Teslas. Today I saw 7 on the road.

    Its not just Top Gear that has been won over by Tesla but also Munro and Rogan on and on. I expect Munro will be able to say that he was astonished that all of his huge list of suggestions were implemented in record time or at least there were compelling reasons or even better approaches or new advances where other choices were made. Its not just Munro its Rogan and Leno- the list goes on because it is a fact that Tesla makes the best vehicles in the world period.

    This article shows Top Gear has been won over by Tesla. Tesla is the new ultimate driving machine. I believe Tesla is a better company than BMW, it is staffed by better smarter more educated people. I think a lot of has to do with Tesla being true mission driven company where the mission couldn't be more compelling or worthy where BMW is a profit driven company that makes trinkets for yuppies. That profit driven orientation makes BMW stupid, brittle, hollow and vapid. I mean your goal in life at a company like that is to make more money so some business clown can get a promotion and hand over that money to some non contributing rent seeker that thinks they have to be paid if something happens in the industry they claim to be investing and where only some small bit will go back to an employee stock program. I know there is some Rhenish capitalism left at BMW but it doesn't go as far as it went at Toyota under Deming's TQM. BMW lost its soul when it lost its art and it wasn't just a bad take on electronics it was shift to an idiotic profit focus where the firms life blood was handed over to parasites who contribute about as much as a credit card that can never be paid off.

    Even if BMW can steal back some their best people which surely Tesla took from them, they won't be happy, your commitment has to run deeper than money or paper. You can't give 100% or 110% at a place like BMW because there is no point. What are its priorities? Hiding its share of diesel gate and dragging its feet and trying to fail convincingly on full electrification. What would the BMW of the 1970s and 1980s do with the challenge. That firm could have handled it, wasn't a dead shell.

    You think its easy to beat Boeing? Ask Airbus? But that is what SpaceX does as another Musk company. A lot of that is mission. When you are aligned with the direction the universe is going in there is a lot of reserve to fall back on.

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