Tesla market cap > GM's equals utter panic

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Jan 16, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    This is the year possible early on when Tesla's market cap is likely to rise permanently above GM's.

    But any time Tesla's market cap is above GM's utter panic ensues because it means GM is not succeeding in its highest priority as a petrol shill which is to fail convincingly at electric cars. In response we can expect more stock by backs, more fake studies i.e., Navigant's, and more bringing out of the shills even discredited ones i.e., Einhorn, Chanos and Lutz and pending or generally discredited shills like DeBord and Cowen and UBS... and more noise about shorts where people who short Telsa are either dishonest or stupid or paid off or have a vested interest or generally all of the above- and the incredible foolishness of this would hold even if Tesla ultimately doesn't succeed.

    But the most important thing for the Big 3 is to fail convincingly on the electric cars. They are full of people with either direct conflicts of interests or straight co-optation or who just made incredibly foolish organization level sunk cost investments in petrol that would take a career to justify and really can never under any circumstances be justified and they are always wrong and on their way out when there is any deviation petrol as usual but its this strategy that bankrupted US automakers before and will bankrupt them soon again this time quite likely for good. Honestly, if we have Tesla or an equivalent we don't need the big 3, good riddance, Tesla takes away their safety net.

    So outside of appearing to fail convincingly on electric vehicles their number one priority is to keep Tesla's stock price in a box any way they can in order to keep Tesla's market cap from exceeding GM's. If they had access to it they would manipulate Telsa's share price at the stock exchange directly. They are totally focused on these efforts because they cannot fail convincingly when the market doesn't appear to value their petrol shilling future above Tesla and this constitutes a threat to petrol itself as it signals something like market generated policy- and can't have this as the US is the home of petrol stupidity even if US automakers also not surprisingly have have the lowest valuations. And they are pretty righteous about this because short of rigging the amount of liquid a pump puts out a petrol station everything petrol fuel energy does is about fraud and has been going back to the beginning. Petrol is the flag bearer for dirty dishonest psychopathic business, without petrol it might cease to exist, which would be a hindrance to criminality and inequity everywhere.

    Now keep in mind the real value proposition and premise here. Beyond the environment the green energy and autonomy people will take the average person's fuel/energy bill and reduce it to 1/10 and then take it to close to 0. That is a lot of revenue loss for rent seekers. So if the recent past is any indicator we can expect as the market cap exceeds GMs constant denials that this was the case or that it is already over when its already accelerating also ramping up claims that Tesla doesn't meet dead lines or can't produce, or can't ultimately be profitable or will hit a mineral snag, or is dishonest or is racist/sexist/misogynist/homophobic anti union and unsafe or that legacy scale and corruption will defeat it or that Republicans will undo Tesla or disparaging the CEO on competence, judgement, sanity and attach where they try to associate him with unsavory people or people without good intentions, or gas cars don't have soul or electric cars aren't noisy enough or cheap gas matters (biggest joke of all time- i.e., petrol still has levers instead of its natural state of being brittle and helpless and dependent on transfer payments.) But we could see some new stuff because Tesla is a pin to the petrol balloon even if they find a way to martyr it.

    Lets keep in mind the the other value proposition that Tesla has proven:
    The S and X dominate the money is no object tech status quo end of auto business.

    Best in Safety, technology, performance, efficiency, power, reliability (just obvious it will strand you less) convenience (no more gas station,) emissions and smugness, integration and self driving, cool factor, concept and even market share in that segment. It did it quickly and it proved electric tech and even autonomy. And its also associated with revolutionary Aerospace. Its also Silicon Valley and not Detroit, which is important because the valley has been subsidizing petrol's transfer payments for far too long- they paid all they should have paid petrol, if anything, long ago.
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