Tesla Investors able to form class action against bigger shorts?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Its one thing to short to hedge your legitimate investment. Its one thing to say that shorting helps reduce volatility. But it is another thing to have front type petrol shill billionaires that take attack ads out to spread misinformation and propaganda about a company to mislead investors and the public and in the process damages legitimate investors and the public interest while claiming that the profit for telling lies is justified by the profit. As a possible example, apparently per recent articles Chanos was doing something like this with an insurance company and when the company sued and started investigating he had to go away which would strongly seem to indicated culpability- if I read the article right and confirmation of the pattern.

    Tesla investors have been damaged by the FUD and these shills and their lies, damaged in terms of increased opportunity cost and lost liquidity for reasons that are all negative and unjustifiable including unjustifiable lost goodwill. Could care less if shorts think dumping petrol is treason (I personally think the opposite) but the matter would seem to be a simple as following the money with some investigations and then calculating the losses, something that desperately needs to happen.

    I am hoping that $420 is the price that completely liquidates the shorts holdings. Read this article in of all places Bloomberg:


    Its an article that shows how idiotic and baseless all the short theses were and it is closer to the kind of analysis some of these wealth funds would be doing. Also just to note the possibility (very real) of taking the firm private shows how solid the business has long been and and how ludicrous the short theses are as they were clearly being built on nothing but a pile of lies as if one could walk on water if they could shovel the bs quick enough.
    As for SA I think they noticed that every country in the world came together to veto fossil fuels at Paris and wanted a future for the country beyond that veto. Right now you watch entities like oil price and they have delusional theories that Africa or some other combination of developing nations will keep fossil fuel profit going but that implies failing on climate goals- not going to happen, its a no compromise situation FF profit counts for less than nothing at this point, we all know its criminal and amounts to nothing but mounting liability to be retroactively disgorged.

    So I think you can see that just the willingness of these types establishment entities that see the writing on the wall to step in anoints Tesla, knights Tesla to a degree that absolutely totally discredits these short frauds, and this wasn't an overnight process- Tesla shorts appear to be just petrol fronts anyways (using money from public subsidies against the public interest as is always the case for petrol) and this ability of the firm to go private or even the mere possibility of it no matter how disclosed totally destroys the short position as it should no matter how it was announced. It was announced by the quickest most immediate deliberate means and nothing was hidden and it was nothing new. These people lost money that they should have lost, that they shouldn't have had in the first place and it discredits them, but its too damn bad, its a public service. And as for SA its great PR and a way to be seen as part of the solution the value to them is incalculable.

    Is there a way to short these shorts- find the firms they are listed with and start shorting these pos entities? I hope that as Tesla grows into more than a trillion dollar company and that Musk spends billions investigating and going after justice on these these firms for the next 30 years with absolutely relentless unending determination to make as permanent of a historical example of them as possible and make sure their plight ends up in every college business text written for the next 50 years. To me Musk and co are extremely honest and they stand against the fraud based economy that the shorts stand for which is based on first theft and then secrecy and lies to try to cover it up. The world as been lied about the so called 'energy sector' for about 70 years and its been hollowing everything out- its time for truth and time for the redistribution of the ill gotten gains.
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    . . .
    Tesla's perceived failings include "burning through cash" (reported 135 times by Bloomberg News since 2013), more short-sellers than 499 of the companies in the S&P 500, management turnover, and a temperamental leader. This is the noise obscuring the strengthening signal that investors — like owners of the Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Roadster in 28 countries — embrace Tesla as the same disruptive force that enabled Amazon Inc. to overtake the giant book sellers 20 years ago.
    . . .

    I enjoy the irony of "Bloomberg Opinion" pointing out the problem including their own analysts.

    Bob Wilson

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