Tesla has never executed faster- moving way faster than any ICE company ever has

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    1. Tesla has never executed faster- moving way faster than any ICE company ever has
    2. Substantially updated S- record breaking range- massive increase
    3. Substantially update X
    4. Model Y unveiling- with totally obvious production path
    5. Purchase of Maxwell Technologies with integration of ultra caps into products coming soon
    6. Super charger V3 release with general build out continuing apace
    7. Right hand drive being sold into markets
    8. Model 3 in China
    9. Model 3 in EU, best seller in Norway, Switzerland and Finland
    11. Base Model 3 released but even plus Model is better value and better product than
    Accord and Camry
    12. China Factory moving at super speed
    13. Best IP and financing deal ever in China
    14. Autopilot 3 hardware in cars and understand its not the 144 Tflops with the on metal
    neuro net type stuff its more like 1.5 petaflops to followed by something closer to 5
    petaflops- people miss that so that is better than more generic Nvidia offering by quite
    a bit.
    15. No hands freeway lane change etc.
    16. Sorted all on line sales policy
    17. Worked through dealer strategy- with all online it doesn't need them.
    18. Tesla in house insurance already in other countries coming next month to US
    19. Beat the SEC
    20. Close to release of pick up design
    21. Delivering cars with Tesla Semi
    22. Factory soon to be announced likely in Germany
    23. Looks like Panasonic supply issue being worked out
    24. Settled on primary tile for solar roof top
    25. 600K Teslas on the road now- set to be a million very soon- I saw 7 on the road today i
    in So-Cal
    26. New Mega pak about to be released
    27. Pick up about to be unveiled.
    28. Ford recognizing it has to do an electric pick up
    29. Model 3 getting the recognition it deserves- Top Gear recognizing it decimates the BMW
    M3 at track dethroning BMW.
    30. In 2nd half of 2018 Model 3 was the best selling vehicle in the US's biggest market and
    the US is the most competitive market in the world- it outsold the F150 there.
    31. The sorting out of the Tesla network strategy
    33. All Tesla vehicles safest ever tested
    34. Tesla has highest resale value
    35. Tesla outselling Germans in Germany
    36. Related Space X just did commercial Falcon Heavy launch recovering all 3 engines and
    37. Should be news on the Tesla sat net soon.
    38. Shrunk the board (actually a Musk goal)- no so called director will be independent of
    the vision or contrary (like to see more solar cells atop the Gigafactory)
    39. Continues to dominate without ads
    40. Better Q1 results than the 'Big' 3, year on year Q1 it was a lot better than the big 3.
    41. FCV pollution credits haul
    42. Continues to walk away from the crowd on software improvements.
    43. Competition continues to fail- delays from the Europeans and the Taycan is too slow and
    the range just like the rest of VW's attempts isn't as advertised- it won't be
    competitive with performance Model 3 they will have to delay again.
    44. Massive Northrup distribution center up and running
    45. Tesla getting its own fleet of haulers (even if temporary ICE)
    46. Musk still has 23 million Twitter followers
    47. Tesla 75% of the EV market in the US.
    48. Tesla critics are as dumb and transparent as ever including Jim Collins, Anton Wahlman,
    Don Bailey and now Sonneberg- Tamberino level people.

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