Tesla brand image and social media strategy

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    What this is about - I’m a marketing student from Poland. If you are interested in the automotive industry and electric cars I invite you to fill out this short google forms survey: https://forms.gle/1FhfeqsLjbRgGmzX6

    Additional (optional read) info:
    It will help me tremendously in completing the final chapter of my bachelor’s thesis. I wrote a quick paragraph below so that you know what the survey is about.

    What differentiates Tesla from other companies in the automotive industry is its very successful use of social media to create the desired brand image. Tesla spends much less money on paid marketing than its competitors, yet Engagement on Tesla social media profiles is exceptionally high. Many customers of Tesla become brand ambassadors - they share Tesla related posts and spread the company's message. On top of that Tesla new products and innovations are often very newsworthy. This generates a lot of buzz on social media and other sites. This way Tesla doesn’t have to spend money on advertising, to be heard - this concept in marketing is called earned media. A lot of buzz is also created single-handedly by Elon Musk, who as the face of Tesla has a big influence on its brand image. Tesla has a very clear vision and mission - one could say that not only do they sell cars, but also a lifestyle. Tesla cars and news related to it also appeal to tech enthusiasts, not necessarily interested in the automotive industry in general.

    The goal of the survey is to see how successful Tesla in creating the desired brand image through social media and what actions contribute to successful brand image creation the most. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to fill out this survey. The only requirement is being interested in the automotive industry and electric vehicles.

    This is not a commercial survey, it is completely anonymous and information collected will be used only in research purposes.


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