Tesla answers final question same payload weight as diesel

Discussion in 'Semi' started by 101101, Nov 25, 2017.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    All the data is in now and it utterly destroys diesel. The people in denial about that are ranting but it won't last long. By the way this reinforces solid state. That may not be secret sauce but its a 2-3 year lead and it makes Lutz look even more stupid.

    Think it will even have sleepers. See refuting Paul Santo thread.

    So no more wars for useless obsolete petrol period but in particular for fuel/energy. Its not worth fighting for any more- never was but its obvious and inescapable now.
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  3. I think it might be a while before Tesla introduces a sleeper version. Looking at the cab, there doesn't appear to be as much room to make a bed as wide as in a traditional sleeper.

    If someone wanted to, there does seem to be enough space to set up a hammock or something, but this design is really meant as a line-haul rig (trucking between a regular set of points), rather than for OTR (over the road) service, where you often have a two-person team to make as many miles as possible.
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  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Good point. I saw an article yesterday where author said Tesla is considering offering sleepers. They do appear to have space behind the cab as Santos pointed out- they will have to account for it or shorten the rig- a plus really.
  5. HVACman

    HVACman New Member

    Domenick is certainly correct about the semi being targeted for the line-haul market. The charging protocol is most effective with that configuration. Also, with that heavy battery, Tesla needs to do everything possible to light-weight everything else so as to not impact allowable cargo weight. A sleeper could add 1,000 lb, what with the additional body components, hardware, and longer frame. I believe Elon said the body will be carbon fiber. Probably a lot of aluminum in the frame. They are using aluminum wheels and wide-base single tires for the drivers, which both reduces weight and rolling resistance.

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