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Discussion in 'Model 3' started by ShawnTeslaGuy, Oct 2, 2018.

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  1. ShawnTeslaGuy

    ShawnTeslaGuy New Member

    Hi everyone, another happy Tesla 3 owner here.
    While I still have got stock floor mats in my Tesla, I am looking at different options that may work well for the wet and dirty weather. First I started looking at WEathertech. I know they are not cheap, but I had them in my previous sedan (Honda Accord) and I still have them in my other Truck (Chevy Silverado). I looked at the mats that I've got in my Checy and realized that even if I go with Tan WeatherTechs, they will just not look right in the Model 3 due to their design. I believe they will fit and keep moisture inside, but I don't think that's the look one should get if they get a Tesla.
    Anyways, I saw 3d maxpider mats online, they look nice in the pic, not that rugged, but I am concerned about 2 things, that's why decided to post here and ask your folks opinion. 1. This brand seems to be not too popular, or I am doing bad at my Google search. 2. I will have to wait when I order them. That's okay, unless I will really get a good product. And of course, I expect to get something, not just pay and keep getting run-around...
    I was looking at rubber mats, KAGU 3d mats. DO they fit well? How's the quality? If you ordered and had to wait, how long did it take the mats to arrive?
    Any comments are appreciated as I have to make a decision and finally order something!
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  3. larrenz

    larrenz Member

    No idea, but I know partcatalog carries 3D Maxpider mats. Try to contact them to know the waiting time for the shipping.
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  4. ShawnTeslaGuy

    ShawnTeslaGuy New Member

    Hey @larrenz, thanks for replying. I found their official website, and seems like there is still a 3-5 weeks delay due to high demand....
    Well, I guess there is no way out other than waiting. I guess I will be ordering Kagu as I thought, if they are cool, I will get another carpet set for spring and summer then. If someone needs pics or honest opinion on those mats, PM me in 5 weeks, I believe I will get my set by then. Or, I can post pictures here. The only thing I am not that happy about is the color. These matsa are available only in black for the model 3, no beige/tan for now.
  5. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Sometimes web pages lag product. Call the sales department and ask.

    Bob Wilson
  6. Alfie Casasola

    Alfie Casasola New Member

    I have 3D Maxpider mats, purchased during first round of production. Love them! Worth the wait!

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  8. Tom Harrison

    Tom Harrison New Member

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