Terrible article by Teslarati on Tesla

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Apr 1, 2018.

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    Christian Preszler says Tesla needs a COO but what he really seems to want to do is bring in the shills. Bring in a shill from say TMobile (of zero rate screw up the net and net neutrality) fame to screw up Tesla network. Or alternatively bring in one of 2 likely shills from GM to help Tesla fail convincingly just like GM.

    Just noted from a Teslarati article that a completely oil dependent gulf state bought up 17% of voting rights in VW. German government should have blocked that. This is a very very clear reason why VW has become such pure **** lately. What an utter fraud as in their 15% EV penetration in the US by 2025- that is pure absolute unadulterated failure.

    Also Germany now has a finance minister in favor of leaving tax breaks in for diesel and avoiding out right bans. Are you kidding!?, No, eliminate all subsidies for petrol and tax it heavily and hand over the difference to BEVs. This isn't about picking winners, petrol lost a long time ago and it always loses on the economics. Such BS in the media, petrol cars kill people with tail pipe smoking and climate instability and their justifications for imperialism- not electric autonomy, it saves people. Stuff is as big a scam as 911 to go into Iraq again was. Petrol is a cancer on the planet, especially the wealth and power that has come to be unnecessarily associated with it.

    Elsewhere on Teslarati they talk about petrol being profitable, that needs to be looked at very carefully because I think the record shows its never ever been close to being profitable, just like the Goldman exec saying Big Oil was never that big and they needed loans from us just to pay their dividends. Petrol has always been a tax heist, especially past the point where it became obsolete back around 1950.
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