Tell us your EV buying story

Discussion in 'General' started by Domenick, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. Study Of 11 Automakers Finds Inconsistencies In EV Shopping Experience

    This study found a lot of inconsistency among traditional OEM dealerships when it came to the EV buying experience. Some dealers were great, others awful. (The Tesla stores were all great)

    So, I thought it would be interesting to hear what your experience has been. Don't be afraid to name names. If your dealer was great, let us know! If not so great, also let us know.

    This is one of those areas that has seen, and will continue to see, improvement, so a past bad experience may not be indicative of how a dealer might handle EV sales now. Or, at least, one hopes.
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  3. Mark Altieri

    Mark Altieri New Member

    Leasing my second Chevrolet Volt--a 2017 Premier (had a 2013 previously) in July of last year and got this one from Diver Chevrolet in Wilmington, DE. My salesperson was Scott Fisher ([email protected]) who did a fantastic job. He said he's one of the top Volt salespeople on the east coast and he definitely knew the car and its market. He's worth a visit if you're in the area.
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  4. PHEVfan

    PHEVfan New Member

    Went around to 4 lots in 1 day to look at one specific car on each lot (used, found online). Two were dealerships, two were independent lots, all had basically the same car. None tried to direct me to a different vehicle, possibly because I was looking for used. They all had at least some knowledge about the vehicle's inner workings (PHEV). At the dealerships the HV battery was empty (one even had spider webs between the car and the ground - hadn't moved in quite a while), the independent lots at least had some charge on the vehicle. Finally went with a dealership to get the CPO warranty. Generally a good buying experience. Had to drive home on gas though since the HV battery was empty. Looking back that was a dangerous move as the HV battery could have been degraded and I wouldn't have known. Fortunately it was in great shape.
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  5. What model of car did you buy?
  6. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Well-Known Member

    My experience buying my first EV about 3 years ago was pretty awful. I had a Scion at the time so I went with Toyota first. The local Toyota dealers refused to service my vehicle if I decided to get a Rav4 here from California. So I asked them to show me a Prius Plug-In. They didn't have any in stock but could get one... then they immediately kept trying to talk me out of buying one and going with a standard Prius.

    I then went to my closest Chevy dealer. I got a slightly better experience there looking at the Volt but they only had a few new Volts in stock out of my price range. The dealer didn't know much about the car but at least they didn't try to talk me out of it.

    Then I started really researching other types of EVs and somehow got my heart set on a Spark EV. So I called the Volt dealer I had talked to and they said they wouldn't be able to service it if I got one. I decided to just keep calling dealers and found out that 2 dealers not much further were both certified to work on Spark EVs.

    I initially was talking to Chevy dealers in California about shipping one here. But ended up going to CARMAX and getting a used one shipped from California to Dallas. The sales guy I worked in Dallas had sold several leafs and Volts so he was really interested in the car when we were going through the process and taking it to test drive. He didn't even know the Spark EV existed.

    Since then we ordered a Volt through CARMAX and gotten a similarly great experience. Both cars have been serviced at Classic Chevrolet in grapevine who has an awesome EV/Hybrid sales building. I have raved about those guys on the Inside EVs comments section many times so I probably sound like a broken record.

    We bought our Bolt through them as well and it was easy as pie. If you are buying a new Volt or Bolt in Dallas... go to classic. CARMAX is also a great buying experience for a used EV.
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  8. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member

    Here's a not buying story. Wife and I test drive the Golf EV. Fine enough around town. A bit flat on it's face over 50 mph. "It was fine" wife commented. "Aren't we supposed to be saving the planet?!". I reminded her about the range and what we can drive on a whim and she said "oh yeah ok no". Salesman didn't fight us on it at all.
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  9. PHEVfan

    PHEVfan New Member

    2015 Ford Fusion Energi
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  10. Good to hear. I hope to be in the market for a used EV pretty soon here as soon as life gets out of my way, and clears up my finances. Will definitely look into CarMax.
  11. Surprised to hear that about the eGolf. Everything else I've heard previously was pretty positive. Good to know.
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  13. gmcjetpilot

    gmcjetpilot New Member

    I bought a used 2015 LEAF SV with 22K on it, 12 bars, silver, LED HD lights, 6.6K+DC fast charge, Hybrid heater... etc. I have had it a month. I did a all Craigslist search and found a SV in San Diego. I did not want a S or SL. Turns out it was a licence car broker "Drive line Financial", a one man show, who specializes in LEAF's. He buys them from Nissan Auctions and marks them up slightly. He was great. Within a few days I had the car on a trailer coming to me in Memphis. First called Tues. Talking to Pat I knew he knew his stuff (unlike other calls I made where they had a S and said it was a SV or knew nothing). Had funds wired to Pat on Wed, Car was on Trailer Friday, delivered Tues before noon. I am very happy. Car is in near new shape and exceeds my explications. I was looking for a used Tesla, but that is $47K. I paid $12K (+$850 shipping, tax). For less than 1/4th the cost the LEAF is what I needed. Yes the Tesla is nice but too expensive and not as well supported as the LEAF. Don't get me wrong if I made 4 times my salary I make now (and I do pretty well now), yep I might get a used Tesla.

    Drove it almost every day for a month now (about 1000 miles). My commute is between 33 to 38 miles round trip x4 days a week. I just got the nerve to try and go two days on one charge. I got to work second day with 37 miles. I should get back home tonight with 20 or high teens on guess-O-meter. Most of my commute is freeway. I am impressed with the fit, finish, ride quality, low speed acceleration is amazing (on LEAF ludicrous mode, aka not ECO mode, which is where I typically keep it.) It is perfect for around town errands and commuting.
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  14. Sounds great, man. Congrats on your new LEAF!
  15. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member

    It was a fine car it just was a bit concerning at high speed. We also have a fairly well rooted fear that range for us will only be half of stated, given the speeds we have on the highways here and the stuff we routinely carry... plus AC or heat. Etc. The Golf just would not be a very range inspiring car.
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