Tax credit removal if it happens will immediatly backfire

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Nov 19, 2017.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    1. It makes the Republican look even more like idiots for reveling in corruption- they keep petrol subsidies (worse than tax credits) while attempting to remove ev credits while talking about a level playing field. Also while ignoring the regular required increasing bailouts of petrol, and the externalities of petrol while highlighting their pupetry by public enemy #1.

    2. Tesla is the target but Tesla has burned through much of its credits and sold a bunch (more than enough to make up for any loss if Republicans can get the cut hypocracy through the Senate) also Tesla is already below the battery cost the DOE said would be necessary for ev price parity. Finally its shows how reactive and scared they are of Tesla.

    3. Honda has its phev Clarity (hobbled styling for sure) and Toyota has a larger phev Prius with similar stats and both are priced at the middle of the market with the range to cover the vast majority of commutes with high empg of 133 or so. These two dual power train vehicles show that pure electric is already vastly competitive. Also shows the success of the public policy credits to combat an industry the world has come to hate.

    4. It will impact the petrol shills like GM more and possibly drive people to Tesla even more. GM has its whole history as a petrol offender to live down and a history of 50 years of making junk, its basically a pathetic profit first company. That is GMs history and its culture. They would have prevailed over Lutz to STUFU if that weren't the case. Their Bolt relative to the Model 3 is totally marginal and the same with any of their products relative to Tesla to any Tesla product. Their real goal is to try to grab share and slow or compromise electric vehicle introduction to protect the sunk cost and power of their petrol masters. No establishment auto maker actually wants to make electric cars and they are all petrol shills with the exception of the Japanese makes. Japanese makes or at least Toyota is concerned about driving out so much complexity with the simplicity of electric powertrains that their distinguising art will be reduced to commodity, they also presumably worry like established automakers that this will be compounded by transport as a service where electric autonomy reduces vehicles on the road by 18x.

    Establishment makes have to write off massive sunk cost, deal with backwards culture, change over the professional specialties that make up their ranks, retain share while fighting shrinkage in the size of the market despite from TAAS despite the developing markets coming on line all while investing heavily in the tech that will shrink the size of their market. At the same time they can't escape any of this because of public expectation and policy driven by climate, traffic, parking and also compettitive pressure and vision from one company (Tesla) not subject to this one company that instead of having blood on its hands is fighting to save the world and make it more livable and peacefull.

    What messing with the tax credit will do seems likely only to help Tesla and possibly the Japanese makes maybe Korean makes too. But it will harm the American and German makes- the marketing arms for petrol foot dragging. I think it does at worst nothing to Tesla but more likely increases brand adhesion and mindshare and sales while making it even more clear that the Republican's really are the terroristic criminal idiots the world already thinks they are accelerating their removal.

    The immediate backfire will be its having zero impact, and I doubt even their desperate attempts to run fake stories to the contrary will help or do anything to the trend. It will only highlight success. Doubt continuing to try to sabotage production or tamper with the Tesla board will help either.
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  3. Cypress

    Cypress Active Member

    GM to date has sold more EVs toward the tax rebate phaseout than Tesla. So, I don’t think it will impact them that much. GM and Tesla are expected to hit the phaseout pretty close to each other. If Tesla can get their Model 3 production straightened out relatively soon, they might get to the phaseout 1 or maybe 2 quarters before GM.
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  4. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member

    Phase out may not even be a thing if what I think the house version says is correct. Immediate repeal. I.e. it's done now. No more credits, no slow ramp down of credits. Trump wants to sign this by Christmas, if the credit is cut in reconciliation and Trump signs it into law then basically no 3 buyers get it.
  5. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Read some where cut is off thr table. But such extreme idiots, massive petrol subsidies but all these stupid lies about level playing field talk when it comes to green but no elimination of useless petrol su subsidies. Where is the cut to the petrol scam? How much is petrol paying for the 07 collapse it caused and is responsible for?

    An industry that requires globally 5.3 trillon to half a trillion ( in subsidies) is a piece of s..t that needs to be put out of its missery and we an see from these numbers its capable of ruining the global economy over and over again.
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  6. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member

    Text of the senate bill not yet released, cut is unclear.
    Cut does exist in house bill.
    Bills will be merged. We don't know whats in the senate version, but at a minimum since it's on one side (house) it is still possible for it to be gone. If the senate also did away with it consider it done. If the senate does have it then there is a chance the senate side will win on reconciliation.
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