Surprise, surprise, Black Rock voted against Musk continuing as a Director

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Aug 31, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    New headline in shill rag Reuters tries to make it look like Black Rock just tried to oust Musk as a director but then we learn that its way in the past tense and they (Black Rock & ISS) were voted way down. But the point is to try to make the head line that it is some how true right now and that Musk is under siege right now- more BS.

    What's so offensive is that its like they think the public cannot if their life depended on it see who these people are. All the black groups clump together- black this and that like black project... Black Rock and Black Stone and Black Water and Cargill Group or was it Carlyle Group were all part of the war profiteer group after 911- weren't shorts involved too? They are all petrol riffraff.

    We learn that Black Rock also tried to buy into the rest of silicon valley and wanted to push this same line of BS likely so they could weaken the valley and oppose its use of green energy. We also learned that it bought into Netflix and opposed everything the management wanted- yes because they like sponsored BS media and hate net neutrality or anything that doesn't facilitate bribery law made by the highest bidder. If I am not mistaken Black Rock is also a Koch affiliate which means ALEC and all the other bribery based BS that tries to short circuit democracy and silence people along the way to turning them into property.

    But think about what they were trying to do here. They wanted to replace Musk and put in a shill that would follow all of Mathew Debord's constantly recommended delusional bs about how Tesla should know its place and scale down all of its products and become a niche maker and admit that electrics are a bad idea and totally cave and become a petrol sycophant like Debord, just go ahead and sell out and accept cash as the highest value and kiss the petrol ring.

    Lets burst their little bubble. Its not like Musk would ever be silenced by some stupid board NDE, he'd tell the whole world what the little plant POS was up to and drive that person out. The plant JK wanted to do this and then wanted to do that and here are the transparent reasons why... blah blah blah, they keep thinking they can repeat what happened with Jobs but Musk is older and already far more accomplished and has all of that as hind sight and driven with a militant focus. Felt this for a long time, these people lack the intellect necessary to survive, they are foolish and radically out of touch, so drunk that even if they woke up in time to avoid hitting the bridge support they couldn't do anything about it. Look at all this trade stuff, the admin thinks that trying to squeeze trade with China will do something other than accelerate its push toward green energy- pure delusion. The most insane thing is they are completely undermining American power in the name of American power. But even more than intellect they lack the humility to see things clearly so they can't change course.

    Reminds me of VW group after announcing that it would scale its US electric cars down to a cumulative total up through 2025 thinking it would be a private partner in the take Tesla private bid. What if the Trump admin doesn't last another month- I wonder what these people think keeps giving them cover? How much cover are they going to get with Diesel gate ultimately. I think what has happened is they think Tesla's gun jammed and they missed a bullet but they are already dead.
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