Streaming the Jaguar I-Pace reveal

Discussion in 'I-Pace' started by Domenick, Feb 27, 2018.

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  3. Details are up on InsideEVs: Jaguar I-Pace Debuts With 240 Miles Of Range, 90 kWh Battery

    Has Tesla-style door handles!

    During the presentation, designer Ian Callum mentions that it's only changed from the concept by a few milimeters here and there. In otherwords, they're selling the original concept, basically.

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  4. Nuvo

    Nuvo New Member

    Priced from £63,495 in the UK (excluding government incentives) or £10,130 more than a F-Type S.
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  5. So, this is kind of weird. The Tesla Model X 75D gets 237 miles range, and the I-Pace, with 90 kWh battery, gets 240. Either they're running a big buffer and/or it's a lot momre inefficient. Strange.

    One other point the Jag loses out to the Tesla is towing. From last year: Jaguar I-Pace Won’t Be Rated To Tow, Says CEO
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  6. The Jaguar I-Pace configurator is pretty nice. Once you've configured, it can generate a PDF file for you with your specific build.
    I can imagine it gets pretty spendy with some of these packages, but there is no pricing given. I guess if you have to ask...

    Here's what mine looks like:
    Jaguar I-Pace configured.jpg
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