Steel wheels fit in front but not in the back

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Francois, Nov 12, 2019.

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    I purchased these wheels which the site confirms as okay for my kona ev ultimate.

    I put all 4 wheels on my car last night and as soon as I began to drive I noticed a "tok tok" sound from the rear wheel. My son who was outside of the car could also hear it.

    Put my two original wheels on the rear of my car and kept the two steel wheels upfront and then all seems ok.

    So I was sold wheels that fit in the front but not in the back. Weird. Hoping pmctire won't give me a hard time in taking those back.
  2. Yeah, I think some of these places assume an electric Kona is the same as a ICE Kona. The electric has distinctly larger rear brake caliper hardware. Your going to want 17 inch steelies.
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  3. You can shave the burrs and proud points off a large caliper if it too close a fit. A tire shop did that for me on another car. He said that it is quite common, and taking off a few millimeters does not affect structural integrity. Just be sure to spray on some caliper paint to prevent corrosion. Your tire shop should have a can handy.
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    At least the tmps worked fine and synced on their own. However the other sad part is that one of the two is winter wheels still on my car is showing to be 4 lbs lower than the other so I am getting the warning light for being under inflated. I had them shipped pre-filled with nitrogen so I would not be bothered by this. :(

    I don't even know where to go to have them inflated with nitrogen. Sigh. Winter is off to a bad start with the 25 cm of snow we got yesterday.
  5. Any reputable tire shop should have this service but here is one:

  6. Air is 78 % Nitrogen. Your tire is down 10 percent. If you use air to fill it up 4 psi your going to have 98 % Nitrogen, Industrial grade nitrogen is 90-99 % pure. Medical grade is higher than 99%. So unless you are planing on using medical grade nitrogen it probably won't make any difference if you top up the pressure with 4 psi of air.

    Yes some tire stores and dealers have nitrogen (probably 90% purity its the cheapest and it says nitrogen on the bottle)
  7. Francois

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    Heard back from pmctire today. They confirmed the issue and have updated their database. Bought 4 new 16 inches mags instead and was only charged for the difference in price.

    Once they are delivered to my house next week, I am to take them to a garage of my choosing for installation, balancing and transfer of the tpms. Then I have to send them a copy of the invoice from the garage and will be reimbursed for the labor. I will also have to go to FedEx ship the "old" rims back to them.

    So a little extra hassle, which is what I was initially looking to avoid when I initially purchased the full wheels already prepared by them but at least I should be fine in the end and set for a couple of years.
  8. I am curious, are those of you purchasing 16 in rims buying taller tires so that the over all diameter is the same as the stock rims and tires, or are you buying the same size tire in a smaller rim size which results in a smaller over all diameter. A change in overall diameter could affect the speedometer, odometer , GoM and mi/kw readings if every thing i s not calibrated. I have not see this mentioned any where in this or other threads on different tires
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  10. I was actually curious about the tire size as opposed to rim size. The stock tire is a 215 /55 R 17. If you are running a 215/55 R 16 it is a smaller diameter tire and covers less ground per revolution.
  11. Francois

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    They are 205/60R16 studded Pirelli.

    My aim was being safe for the Canadian winter. Range is a secondary consideration for the winter in my case. Tired of getting of getting home with exhausted forearms from driving on icy roads. ;)
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  12. Thanks. The 205/60R 16 is a taller tire. Its with in 2.5% of the diameter of a stock 215/55 R17
  13. So does that mean the odo will show increased speed by 2.5% and the Kona will clock 2.5% more miles toward the end of warranty mileage limit?
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  14. The odometer will say you have traveled 2.5 % more than you actually have. 100km will show on the odometer when you have only traveled 97.5 km. The speedometer will say you are going 2.5 percent faster than you actually are. It will show 100km/hr when you are traveling 97.5. Not huge difference especially in the winter time where you have slippage as well. I don't know the algorithm for the GoM but it will think you have traveled further on the same energy so it will give you a higher miles /kw than you actually are achieving though 2.5 % may not make a big difference.

    Don't know if this size exists in a 16 inch winter tire but a near perfect match to the 215/55R17 would be a 215/60 R16 they are with in 0.5% of each other
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  15. Thanks, I thought a bit about it and had changed my post to increased speed of course before your response.
    So I guess if we could run a larger diameter tire, we could add bonus miles /kms to our warranty.
    Something to think about once these become available:
  16. Yes that is possible up to the limits of the wheel well.:rolleyes:
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    I'm running a 205/60/16, it's 2.3% smaller circumference compared to the stock 215/55/17 tires. So my speedometer is showing 2.3% faster than it would on stock tires and 2.3% more mileage. A 215/60/16 would be closer at 0.4% smaller circumference.

    That said, at 100 km/h on the stock tires, GPS shows me going 102 km/h. On my snow tires, GPS shows me going 99 km/h. Based on mine and other people who have checked against GPS, the speedo isn't calibrated correctly from the factory, we're all getting bonus miles / kilometers towards our warranty.
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    It exists, I have 215/60/16 Michelin Xice Xi3's on my Cmax currently. Almost went with them on my Kona but liked the idea of the more narrow contact patch so I thought I'd try the 205's instead. So far so good after our first storm.
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    I've bought 3 sets of rims and rubber from them now and have 4 or 5 friends who have bought from them based on my recommendation. Their customer service is great IMO, it's why I keep going back. If their databases are wrong, they fix it at their cost, no questions asked.

    I like your new rims, they should look great!
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    I've had the tpms from pmctire moved from the steel wheels that did not fit in the rear to the new winter 16in mags but after having driven 200km the car now says "check tire pressure monitoring system". They worked just fine before when they were on the two steel wheels that were in the front. :(

    What should be my next step? Wait a few days more or do I have to bring the car back hyundai?

    I hope that I don't need to bring the car to a dealership every time I switch between my winter wheels and summer wheels as that defeats the purpose of having bought two full sets of wheels, each with their own tpms so I could change them at home going forward.

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