Standalone OBD2 data display for Kona, E-Niro and Soul EV

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by mikeselectricstuff, Feb 9, 2020.

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    Good candidate for a new thread. The product is in the mail.
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  3. Did you order with or without the recommended OBD2 adapters?
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    I'll give it a try with the dongle I got for Torque Pro and Soul EV Spy. It has a power switch, which is a handy feature.
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  5. A power switch is a beneficial function and I am hopeful it works for you. Look forward to the follow up report.
    What I do like about this device is no cell phone required to operate.:)
  6. True, although a minimally decent phone such as a Samsung A10 costs the same or a bit less than this product would by the time it was landed here in NZ with shipping and GST. I just use an A10 as a tablet, no SIM. However the Evolution product (does it have a name?) could probably be left in place without attracting thieves.
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    It’s something about looking at a telephone when you're driving. True it's just another screen, but if our constabulary see you fiddling with a phone, even at a stoplight, you have a problem.
  8. It certainly needs to be mounted in a holder. In theory we would be fined as well just for touching a loose phone, except our cops are too busy with other things to bother. Also, I use it mostly for logging and graphing later in Excel, so the phone can be stored somewhere instead.
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    In my town I have seen them literally jump out of bushes at stoplights. There have been contentious cases where the phone was merely visible. But I know you are not a distracted driver.
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    Alas, it finds but does not connect to the "KONNWEI" adapter that was recommended for Soul EV Spy.
  11. IMG_4943.JPG
    Did a temp install using Command Velcro.

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  12. I assume you went with one of the supplied OBD21 dongles ? If so - which one?
  13. I had the Vgate iCar Pro on hand.

    Was a bit finicky to pair but now all good. Jury still out as to usefulness past 12 Volt batt monitoring.

    A definite plus though is the 'always on' and no app to start or phone to watch.
    I tried the 'old phone' and obd2 app trick but it just didn't work for me :)
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  14. In light of hwitten reply, I have a couple of Vgate dongles c/w power switch; if you want to PM me we could meet and see if they work.
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    I ordered this one on Tuesday and surprisingly it arrived today, to my door, with free standard shipping. I can report that it also works with the Android apps.

    The monitor has little usefulness to be sure, and is an expensive gizmo, but sensibly put together. I like being able too see what the car thinks the cabin temperature is; was not able to find a PID for this.
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    Nothing new in it:
    See 002_Kona&Nero_EV_HVAC.csv
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  17. I'm guessing that indoor temp is measured at the unit itself. Mine showed 28/29 C on yesterday's trip. Probably got heat from sun, itself and dash too. So much for usefulness of that item :)
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    Now that I'm able to retrieve the value through Torque, I see that it's consistent with evobd2. The unit certainly doesn't react to handwarming. I wonder where the car's ”thermostat" is.
  19. It's probably behind the vent in the center of the climate control panel.
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