Spreadsheet - tracking gas mileage

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by MDClarity07, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. MDClarity07

    MDClarity07 New Member

    Hi all,

    I think I have a pretty unique situation that I wanted to share with my Clarity, that may be of interest. I am leasing (acquired 3/30/19). I have the opportunity to charge for free at work (round trip commute is about 15 miles including a school pickup/dropoff). I actually can't charge the car at home, as I rent in a townhouse development where my unit is offset from the parking area, where there are no available plugs except on other people's units. I have occasionally paid a few bucks to charge elsewhere at public chargers but I'd guess that total expenditure has been under $25 since I've had the car, and that's a high estimate. If I get below 25% battery I'll just stick it on HV mode until I can charge again at work. On long trips, I just use HV mode, starting out with a high battery percentage.

    Here's my tracking spreadsheet as a screenshot. I've recorded the gas price, cost, and # of gallons; against the odometer at fillup, and the miles i've gotten since the last fillup. With that I've made a few calculations about gas mileage.

    Essentially, this is my cost to drive the car. I've tried to note on the side where I've taken weekend trips or vacations; you can see how gas mileage is affected accordingly.

    Overall, I've traveled about 8200 miles in the car, and used 116.7 gallons of gas. That's 68.7mpg.

    Note, the 11/10 date is pre-filled in, I'll probably need to fill up the car this weekend and that's a rough estimate. I've already driven 500 of those tank miles. Also note I live in a suburban area in MD outside of Washington, DC.

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  3. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    Nice work!
    Unfortunately I no longer have access to free charge at work since I retired, and back then I only visited the pump twice on 6 months so I was basically driving it for free. I have been putting together one similar Excel spreadsheet which includes also charging costs at home by calculating battery percentage left to to full charge when I plug in (as per HondaLink and assuming 100% is equivalent to 14.4 kWh as some folks on this forum have suggested) multiplied by the kWh rate per the electric company, estimating also EV and HV miles to try and obtain a global estimate of costs. I've only been keeping observations for a month after my retirement but since my driving habits and needs have drastically changed (random drives here and there with or without long freeway routes instead of a daily 20-mile commute) it will now take me some time to obtain data meaningful enough to share.

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