Spare tire and rim of some sort I had my first flat..

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by GPM432, Mar 24, 2020.

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  1. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    I know there is a forum about the best spare rim and tire size for my Kona I just got my first flat. Can't find it.What is every one getting and maybe the size of the rim will help me out Thanks in advance.
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  4. I have tested a 17 inch spare wheel from a late model Hyundai Azera with 135/90/17 rubber it has the appropriate wheel height, offset, lug spacing and it properly clears the rear brake calipers. These can easily be sourced from any Hyundai dealer, ebay or salvage yard. I understand Hobitt reports that a custom made donut from will also work.
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  5. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    So was the azera complete tire and rim or a donut..Thanks for this info.
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  6. I bought a 09-14 Hyundai Genesis 17” spare wheel with tyre from eBay for around 90USD. It appears to be the same size as what Apu bought (I copied his work from the earlier thread including the same jack).

    I will be testing the fit on the rear in the coming weeks when I switch to summer tyres. I’ll let you know how it works then.

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  8. Its a donut, its the one in the forefront compared to a full size snow tire for the Kona

  9. As the Kona EV was my first vehicle that didn't come with a spare I have been watching the spare tire threads while pondering as to what to do. I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and go with the Modern Spare solution. I went with the kit that included jack, etc. I did have myself covered with a jack, pump and repair kit already but that would only cover a repair on the running surface of the tire. I like going off-pavement occasionally and a rock cut on sidewall is a definite possibility on those occasions and Hyundai Road Service would be simply hopeless. Hopefully I will never get to use it. I can't remember the last time I used a spare but that's probably because I've always had one :)
    I hope now that I have a spare in my Kona that the record continues. Peace of mind... priceless.

    IMG_5210.jpeg Going to line the cavity with some carpet to make up for the soundproofing of the original foam insert.

    IMG_5211.jpeg Using a foam block as spacer to level the tire out so that cargo floor fits over top.
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  10. Yes the info provided here is a good solution:
    If you don't mind just how much "bullet" are we talking for the kit ?:eek:
  11. $330 + $97 for shipping to Canada. Of course that's big $'s, I.e. US$.

    BTW... Thank you Hobbit for doing all the grunt work on finding this solution.
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  13. Yes, that's one. The jack has nice swivel to engage the pinch weld spot.
    Much better than the one I already had. It's a nicely put together kit.
    Hopefully will remain in pristine condition... unused :)
  14. Ed C

    Ed C Active Member

    Hey hwitten, did you buy the entire kit including the carrying case? I am thinking of getting the entire kit with the carrying case and lug in in the trunk instead of putting the thing under the trunk. Can you tell me if the tire can fit in the trunk and be able to close the rear hatch? Thanks.
  15. I bought the kit without case. It fits under the cargo floor with a bit of trickery. It needs a spacer in the rear to 'level' the Spare. I used a foam block I had. In the second pic of my original post I tried to show the foam block. There'll be lots of room for jack, granny charger, etc. underneath the Spare. I wanted to keep cargo area clean. For me it was important to have the Spare and all other emergency items, such as extra water, with me all the time so that there would be no 'oops... forgot that'. I did not want to cut the original foam so I'll have to do some planning regarding actual placement of stuffs under the cargo floor. Lots of room though. Spare will sit on top, but under cargo floor, with stuff that needs occasional access going into the rim. A minor, but important 'feature' for us older folks is that it's quite easy to lift in and out.
  16. Ed C

    Ed C Active Member

    But does the tire fit in the trunk with the hatch closed, and without folding don't the seats?
  17. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    Yea, that's my question as well -- can this be just placed in the Trunk area without the need to fold down the seats ... and the Hatch back actually closes? I'm thinking of this as the solution for LONGER trips, which I don't do a lot. If I get a flat around town, hopefully the "goop can" will at least get me to a Tire repair shop. or for that matter, if it actually fits in the trunk area AS IS, maybe just leave it there until I make a trip to a store requiring that trunk space.
  18. hieronymous

    hieronymous Active Member

    Unless you good folks find some way to securely fasten down your spare, then it remains a potential 70mph missile just waiting to cut a swathe through your nearest and dearest occupying the cabin ...:(
  19. Can't speak for the modern spare setup but my Hyundai Azera donut is completely retained by the Kona's well and hinged cargo floor cover. I honestly don't see that making a lateral incursion into passenger compartment short of a rollover, at that point all the other cargo on top of the cargo flooring I keep back there is more likely to cause grief. That said a guy certainly could drill and bolt in a couple of D-rings onto the well flooring and retain the wheel with a ratchet strap if your really worried about it.
  20. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    I have pictures of how it all fit in the aforementioned techno-fandom page.

  21. With carpet in I have 1/2 inch between tire and bottom of cargo lid. Basically, the cargo lid remains in its original position. Will not work if you use the lower cargo lid position. With reference to tying the wheel down for safety... can easily be accomplished. A simple safeguard would be a tie to a rear safety belt mount. For me, the tightly packed cargo area with lid in place without modifications will suffice. For now anyways :)
  22. All done! Happy with purchase. Snug fit but fit it does. No problem folding back seats down. Cargo floor flat. Lots of storage room left underneath for odds and ends like emergency food and water supplies.
    I had hoped to use the granny charger case as my spacer to level the wheel but it turned out to be a tad high so back to my foam block with granny charger wrapped in a towel underneath wheel.

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