Some things from Tesla that are really going to start to hitting the ICE makes hard

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Mar 24, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    How many times has a slow dirty noisy diesel truck made you late to work because it can't accelerate through the lights? A Tesla truck with a full load will accelerate to 60 mph 3x faster than a diesel- people will notice that trucks aren't slowing them at lights anymore. There is no petrol ICE remediation for this- not ever going to happen- and not hybrid delusion solution either.

    How may times has a slow diesel on a hill slowed you down or caused you to wait in an accident even on a level surface because it couldn't accelerate with traffic or keep pace with traffic? Tesla electrics won't be involved in this and it will be obvious. Diesel and a ICE suck and will become synonymous with slow dirty, noisy dangerous and criminal.

    Then there is Norway. Its just that Norway is the future. Norway will soon be 100% Electric and vast majority Tesla. Norwegians won't be lining up for shill firms like Porsche. This is because their form or socialized system produced a less slave like more educated populace that knows better. They know the idiotic plan of the VWs and GMs of the world is to try to bankrupt Tesla by stock manipulations and attempting to manipulate access to capital so they can fail convincingly and say it was a tried strategy that didn't work out- too bad for them the Chinese government is way smarter than that.

    Then there is the fool Australian politician who thought he would be cool by trying to nix a Tesla Virtual Power Plant but got a massive backlash from his constituency and had to back down- you see people understand that petrol is not only not cool, but beyond stupid to the point of raw criminality. World War 3 won't revive petrol at this point, it is dead.

    Divestment.... its critical. Smart people and smart policy people will divest and dump it as fast as humanly possible. Anyone with a pension needs to demand to the point of investigation/probe what the petrol exposure is in that pension and it is fully not good enough to say that there are laws that don't allow audits to penetrate derivatives (insurance of petrol debt) if you see derivatives in your pension fund (most of it insures petrol debt) you need to demand that it be dumped immediately because that is your fund being held hostage by vapor ware petrol assets where the those assets are economically and politically stranded to the point of obviously foreseeable fraud. Its your fund being held hostage. If you see management fees and fees for moving money around dump them too- another huge scam. Do what ever it takes, dump this stuff before you lose half the value in your pension and are faced with bail-ins. Demand the boards dump the pension firm, check to see there is no conflict of interest between the pension and surrounding boards. My understanding is that petrol funds anti pension candidates because they want to cushion their fall with pensions. Switch the companies and have them changes the assets to zero carbon. They want to use your retirements to socialize the losses in their loser system. Another tip with pension funds is demand to see the audits and make sure they are getting regular audits. Use your unions and do what ever you have to do. And if it ever goes south push for the criminal investigations to make the petrol players disgorge what they've stolen from you. Bottom line is you don't want to be in a captured held hostage pension. That is your money and if you have a pension firm that's been taking $12000 a year from you or more and talking like its a luxury or a privilege for you to retire and funding anti pension politicians you know what to do- you have to boot them. Also make sure in the charters your board members can't sit on other boards- you don't want petrol shills on your boards.
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  3. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member

    Diesels don't me me late

    Australia guy pitched residential solar and on site battery solution, not exactly anti Tesla just wanted to keep things local.

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  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Diesel's make other people late for sure.

    On Tesla in Australia that is charitable but instead it seems he wanted to make sure more went to natural gas and coal. It wasn't even about contract going to Australian companies. You don't act all stupidly indignant like that unless you're a bought and paid for puppet. And its the thing the right does, they have a problem with being seen as short and radically less intelligent and incompetent ( true because their world view tends to betray a lower level of maturational development and a tendency to come from a weakened position of fear and paranoia) so they do something negative when they get in so they are taken seriously- they seek power because people don't take them seriously. So that is what appears to have happened here and then because fear motivates and dominates their outlook self preservation kicked in the and bully softened the approach. When you're responsive to a constituency of idiocy it will have a tendency to make you look this way. Funny Labor vs the Liberals, the kind of left vs the fake left (or left sounding but hard right 'free' enslaving trade loser group)
  5. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member

    Pedestrians make people late

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