Solid Level 2 Charger for $389

Discussion in 'General' started by DedicatedtoEVs, Aug 10, 2018.

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    I've found having a built-in, remote access very desirable. I'm using a JuiceBox 40 Pro at home and a public charger I manage. So I can monitor progress on an iPhone and configure the charger for service time and current. I'm using these features in a study of Prius Prime charging and summer temperatures.

    Remote access is very desirable but I would prefer a cell phone data link instead of connecting to a WiFi network. I've bought two mobile hotspots that are dedicated to connecting to the JuiceBox and there appears to be some reliability issues that show the JuiceBox "offline" and a minute or two later, "online." My understanding is cell phone data-only, speed limited, can be very affordable.

    The Costco unit is OK but without a data link of some sort, not my cuppa tea.

    Did you see my review of a KHONS, multi-voltage, multi-current, portable EVSE? I've replaced my L1 that came with the BMW i3-REx with a KHONS which means I can tap into NEMA 14-50 outlets found at RV parks and get full L2 charging speed.

    Bob Wilson

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