Snow tires/wheels

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by Reagle, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. Reagle

    Reagle New Member

    Has anybody figured out a good source for winter wheels/tires package for a 2018? I usually go to Tirerack but this model is apparently too new and rare for them to measure. Would a set for a 2017s fit? Tire sizes seems the same, but I don't know if wheels and brake hardware are different
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  3. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    Hi funny you should ask. I asked the same question today from my Nissan dealer and they recommended:

    The Michelin X-Ice and the Bridgstone Blizzak, 205/55R16.
  4. Reagle

    Reagle New Member

    Oh, tires are the easy part. It's finding good source of inexpensive wheels to put them on that's a bit more work
  5. Reagle

    Reagle New Member

    Another thought would be to see if 16" steel rims from S trim would fit.
  6. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    The dealer is recommending 16-inch steelies with those choice of tires I mentioned previously. More tire versus rim in the winter is a good thing. I'd love to hear what brands others would recommend or thoughts on the Michelin or Bridgestone. I've not run either of them before and with the Leaf's weight and lower centre of gravity, wondering what will hold up better for our Canadian winters. Any thoughts are appreciated. I know I can read comments on TireRack, but would rather hear from other EV and/or Leaf owners.
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  8. Reagle

    Reagle New Member

    We've been running Bridgestone Blizzaks since WS 60 series up to WS 80s with good results over the last 10 years here in Upstate NY
  9. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    Thanks Reagle!
  10. Aaron_Menchions

    Aaron_Menchions New Member

    On Facebook folks rave about the Michelin's and a brand I've never heard of called Nokian. But apparently they are expensive.

    Ken, are you going to get tire sensors installed too?

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  11. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    Hi nope I won't get the sensors installed. I'm old school and have a good tire gauge and check every couple of weeks.
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  13. NeilBlanchard

    NeilBlanchard Active Member

    I would recommend either Nokian Hakka R2, or Michelin X-Ice 3's. They are very good winter tires, and have low rolling resistance, and are quiet.
  14. KENNY

    KENNY New Member

    The winter tire package I purchased from Kal Tire for my 2018 Leaf SL is as follows:
    4 X 215/50/R17 Michelin X-ICE X13 95H XL
    4 X Core Racing Obsidian black matte aluminum wheels
    4 X 33500 TPMS EZ Sensor
    $1600 including GST installed & balanced
    I'll post the results after the snow flies.
  15. Reagle

    Reagle New Member

    I ended up with a the following for my 2018 SV:
    4x generic 16" steel rims
    4" Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 in 205/55R16
    US$950 mounted and balanced. Slightly more than Tirerack for a similar setup, but dealer was fine not offering TPMS, while Tirerack seems to imply you must buy it
  16. lars36

    lars36 New Member

    Just received my issue of CR (Consumer Reports), under winter/snow tires they like 1 Cooper Discoverer True North, 2 Hankook Winter I*cept iZ2, 3 Continental Winter Contact SI, 4 Michelin X-Ice XI3, 5 Nokian HakkapeliiittaR3, they are the Recommended ones.
    With me living in Florida, NOT needed.
  17. I was just thinking about this today, though I don't get my Leaf until next February......I'm a big fan of Nokian, and had Nokian winter tires on my last 2 Subarus. I was thinking about winter tires today because I have to pick mine up from storage and figure out what to do with them (as my Subaru died a premature death).
  18. larrenz

    larrenz Member

    Had a set of Blizzak WS80s. Traction in the snow and ice was amazing. Cornering on snowy curves was good also, though the performance of these bridgestone tires on wet roads wasn't impressive.
  19. Reagle

    Reagle New Member

    I do wonder- if not running TPMS, will traction control be defeatable if needed? I've heard some cars do not allow that if TPMS data is missing
  20. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    Hi, I'll be purchasing a set of 4 Michelin XICE 3's in a week, with steel rims. No TPMS. I have two other Nissans and traction control works fine without the TPMS sensors. I swap rims/wheels for those other cars as well in winter. I don't think the Leaf will be any different, but I will find out in a couple of weeks.
  21. Paul K

    Paul K Active Member

    I am hoping the winter tires and rims I bought for my 2016 will mount on the new Leaf. Will be finding out soon. I like to buy from companies with production in Canada if possible to keep my neighbors employed. That comes down to Michelin and Goodyear. Ended up with Goodyears. They work very well but are much noisier than the Michelins I got for my old Saturn. I have found the Leaf to be wickedly awesome in the snow. The weight of the car really seems to push the treads into the snow for good grab. No tire monitors either.

    I have found it necessary sometimes to turn the traction control off. In a snowdrift upon detecting wheel slip traction control will really cut the power to the motor and can actually cause you to bog down and get stuck. (ask me how I know!)
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  22. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    Hey Paul, thanks for all the info. Yes I guessed that the lower centre of gravity and additional weight from the battery pack would provide a more stable platform for road grip, with good winter tires. I do sometime turn off TC in my other car, so understand what you are saying as well.
  23. Reagle

    Reagle New Member

    Figured out the steel rims I got- it's a 83-66514 by Keystone / Basically as generic as they come, with multi-pattern and large hub opening but at least US made. Also checking to see if I can make OEM hub caps from S trim fit over them. Might be good for some efficiency improvements

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