Snow tires on AWD?

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by pescatore, Nov 28, 2021.

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  1. pescatore

    pescatore New Member

    I used to run snow tires on my Outback AWD and don't see why the ID.4 would be any different (assuming of course you live in the North). Probably not a lot of experience yet with this - but has anyone decided on snow tires and if so which?
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  3. Bobajoul

    Bobajoul New Member

    The only recommended tire is a Pirelli scorpion Eco tire. I got a set and I must say they ride better than the supplied tires, although I believe that probably has more to do with the specs of the tire and it’s high rolling efficiency.

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  4. Bobajoul

    Bobajoul New Member

    Just got our first snow, drove home in a very light but ground covering the snow, Definitely slippery. The scorpions did well although I was able to induce a little Tailwag when I stomped it from light. Traction control kicked in and there was no fishtail, saw this very limited sample it seems like snow tires work fine in RWD

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  6. pescatore

    pescatore New Member

    I agree, Jim. I used to live a mile up an infrequently plowed road and had snow tires on Subaru Forester. Personally, I'd prefer studs. My ID.4 came kitted out with Hankook Kinergy AS X EV. I may ride out the Winter with them - just because they are brand new tread (and if the roads are really bad, I have the luxury of staying home). Next winter I will put on 4 snows.
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  8. My first serious Winter was near West Yellowstone, in a RWD Volvo 144. With Gislaved Nordfrost studs, I managed until the unplowed roads were up to my muffler, and the car lifted.

    Since then, even cheapo Snow tires are superior. I mount Sumitomo "Ice Edge" on my beater. If it's bad enough to need Snow tires - I keep my nicer cars at home.
  9. WA7S

    WA7S New Member

    I like the Michelin X ice tires on our AWD pro.
    They feel much more secure in snow and ice. They are as quiet as the original tires. Just possibly there’s a tad bit more rolling resistance, hard to be sure, maybe it’s just the cold and snow conditions. But it’s still a good peace of mind investment. $2,000 mounted on wheels and delivered to your door.

    And you don’t need to buy in-wheel TPMS sensors for your winter wheels since the ID4 doesn’t use them.
  10. Uncle Toby

    Uncle Toby New Member

    Where'd you order them from?
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  11. WA7S

    WA7S New Member

    4 Michelin x-ice on wheels, ordered from Tire Rack. Very helpful sales person, quick delivery.
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  13. Uncle Toby

    Uncle Toby New Member

    Great info. Thanks.

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