Slavery media enraged over Tesla short squeeze runs endless loop of exploded Model X

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 8, 2018.

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    They are mad that their petrol master got short squeezed in its PR efforts against Tesla and they couldn't stop it. Notice how much more dramatic the exploded model X pics look now. Message is always the same, Tesla is dangerous and bad for the public, instead of TES and petrol fuel energy and sponsored media are bad for the public.

    Today there was also this very interesting Clean Technical article by Carolyn Fortuna where slavery media is apparently very angry at what it perceives as Musk bypassing its enslaving toll road on youtube. Included in the article is this grotesque analysis of 'media literacy' saying Tesla is getting free ads. Trying to accuse Tesla supporters of being fanatics and religious zealots- e.g. Romney's "Tesla is a cult." T.E.S. is the cult, so that is more projection.

    Funny thing is Musk is extraordinarily honest, its sponsored media that is always projecting their weakness onto his strength, it is their whole business to, as they see it, misinform the public with their fake ads as news.

    But lets go over it again. In the US we used to have the fairness doctrine law which wasn't about covering both sides but was about saying that media firms would cover elections for free or lose their charter (public owns air waves its a commons, not these for profit greed motivated firms) and that media would also separate its news room from its entertainment or lose its charter. Well the plantation types in the early 70s after the Powell memo de-linked wages from inflation (a sure recipe for a civil war,) captured the labor movement with agency shops (by 1978 with the help of captured media,) forced the hollowing out the public sector with petrol dollar on the US and the world but most of all they created captured puppet media in the line with the idiocy that money was speech and backing away from free speech doctrine that put commercial speech at the end of the line to protect crucial political speech. They have also taken the progressivity out of taxes (progressive taxation is a greed disincentivising mechanism see Neil Gabler's "Disincentivising Greed,")
    and they foisted debt into the wage vacuum for control at the same time they removed bankruptcy protections- all pure fraud.

    So the way it works with slavery media is slavery media is bought paid for captured through and through by sponsors or the very rich- as Musk alluded. It is also radically inbred and controlled through the interlocking boards of a hand full of corporations. How it works is nothing ever can be said that is averse to the greed and increasing power of sponsors or supplier sider employers or even to supply side captured prostitute media. In practice it means that politicians are more screened than the typical initial public offering scam. They have to be bonafide sell out prostitutes with kill switch bios before they can run. A sponsor will say to the concubine politician we will fund you and your competitor if you say what we want. If you don't, you will never get a media platform and will give what we would have given you to your competitor and you'll never get the change to write fake law for us. Then they spend their puppet lives chasing after more sponsor money for next round of election sell out in the mean time writing the laws that sponsors tell them to. So in essence sponsored media converts law to bribery or money or converts law to crime and criminality. One effect of this is personal debt will be raised so that money can be used to straight up control people. But in the end law as money or bribery/blackmail is law as crime. The aim and goal is to silence the citizenry. Remember lose your voice lose your rights to atrophy and turn and in turn the citizenry becomes property with its members losing their person-hood, their privacy is taken along the way as part of the ploy of censoring them. And that surely happened as the sponsors dumbed down education took away civics and made kids innumerate to make them easier to confuse and reinforced the authority based propadeutic function in the classroom- the abuse starts in the class rooms- but these are corrupted state class rooms and not what public education can provide in the lower grades- this is captured state stuff.

    There is nothing less honorable than this slavery media stuff. It is way way beyond dishonorable. They are basically undermining the public interest in the most fundamental of ways with this worst of all conflicts of interest. And soon enough you have society that is based on the hell of fear and terror and not on relationships based on trust and friendship. This is why it is civil rights part II because this group especially with the sponsored media and the yoke around your neck petrol fuel energy hollowing out of the public sector and our quality life has been actively trying to enslave us, been basically waging war on the US citizenry since the early 1970.

    So understand sponsored media is not and has never been about selling products. It is about censorship-spin-secrecy-terror-disappearing-torture-control- slavery- people as property- depravity of total privilege based on arbitrary notions of superiority, it is about tricking people and children into scarcity and loss of their humanity. This is part of the reason they are always going on about property, because it is people as property and property as an excuse to treat them as such and a focus on divisions like skin color that make this easier. The opposite is open, trust based, inclusive society and systems where privacy is in tact and people have a voice and can assert rights.

    Lets also say the analysts for slavery media and almost all of Wall St. are incredibly dumb and dishonest.

    One slavery media outlet was trying to insist the short squeeze was surprising- trying to write the meta narrative on themselves. Another article was insisting that analysts are important and quarterly meetings should have stupid glad handed double bind questions taking up all the time. If you have good plain language financial reporting on the part of companies you don't need these shills all the time. But a dirty secret of business is most of it is totally state propped up, surely most all of the Fortune 1000 but least of all the green companies like Tesla. They don't want to tell that story and with better financial reporting in company statements it would be more obvious than anything else. Same welfare fortune 1000 stole their people's pensions saying rich parasites couldn't afford it. They want to see elderly parents dying in the street because its better to foment fear with.

    These so called journalists are prostitute variants of the Kapos or plantation house supervisors. Undermining the public interest for private gain is pure criminality that needs prosecution. Speech quelling here is the issue but from the other side, its infinitely worse than for instance than false advertising. Intentionally misrepresent to the public for money and be ye a prostitute type journalist (no offense to sex workers) or a politician- jail is too good. Enforcement because of the burden of proof would be a tough issue and we of course would not want to quell political speech (hardly give a damn about commercial speech of rich parasites) but Machiavellian style politics should be 1000 life sentences no possibility of probation, parole or pardon.
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