Silverado EV Spotted

Discussion in 'Silverado EV' started by Nebula, Jun 30, 2022.

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  4. Silverado EV has been spotted in the wild wearing the TrailBoss bumper.

    Silverado EV TrailBoss Front.png
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  5. Nice! Is this your photo?
  6. Not mine, it has been working its way around GM Forums. I've been trying to find where it came from.
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  8. Yeah that I got, I recognized the area in the picture. It's 10 minutes from my house. LOL
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  9. Dude. I used Google street view to look at every Great Lakes Ace Hardware. The sign is slightly different from streetview, so I wasn't sure this was the right one until I checked them all. o_O
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  10. Yeah, but I think you originally misunderstood me.

    When I said:
    "I've been trying to find where it came from."
    I didn't mean location, I meant original poster.
    Trying to find where it first got posted on the interwebs. xD
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  12. ah ha! I should have checked TFL sooner... looks like someone sent them an email and they posted it up on their youtube page.

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