Shouldn't the FBI be looking at BMW and the SEC?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Oct 26, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    All we have to go on is BS rag WJS's claim that the FBI is doing something based on Tesla sales claims, which isn't much because FBI probably won't comment on on going investigations and the timing of this and the source (WJS) and the 'unidentified sources' qualification together don't mean much- and overall the claim seems ridiculous in light of recent obvious results. WJS wants to say its a deepening issue as if its a DeLorean story or some other BS. Remember what happened to the WJS writer that said positive things about the Model 3?

    But what doesn't seem ridiculous would be looking into BMW. When there was all this BS in the news about Tesla car fires it turned out that it was BMW globally facing injunctions over car fires, and that BS didn't stop until a famous mathematician called out the BS. And now BMW's claims about its sales slightly increasing year on year seem highly suspect, its been called out on this before but it has been saying in the US where its has greater exposure to Tesla that SUV sales saved it even though its car brand is getting decimated by Tesla-all of that seems highly suspect because I never see X series on the road in Southern California where you'd be expected to see the highest concentration. Also wonder if this is the BMW pattern here as well because BMW is right now being pulled into its own diesel gate which went criminal with other German auto makers so if the pattern holds it would be trying to smear Tesla with the same stuff it is being accused of- it is a tactic straight out of Albert Speer's press manual.

    As for the SEC story the actual culprits of stock price manipulation with short and distort scams and complicit bribed media were not investigated and punished but Tesla which was trying to get away from this type of manipulation and punished for the attempt. So its as if the store keeper calls the police and they help the thief flee and then harass the store keeper.

    If what the WJS says is true you really have to start to suspect the Trump admin of sabotage. Why isn't the FBI investigating the in the pocket senator that is trying to put EVs at a huge disadvantage charging freeway access fees(?) as if it weren't the fossil fuel subsidies that should be ended immediately and recognized as crime. But I can imagine BMW and Ford and other's behind the scenes screaming in panic because Musk and crew aren't going along with the fossil fuel corruption. To me the credibility and functional integrity of the agency and USG start to be at stake with this type of stuff. There is a level of imperfection expected or natural to every large organization but a threshold is crossed at some point.
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  3. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Perhaps I'm confused, but so far as I know, there would be no reason for an FBI investigation of Tesla's reporting of production numbers. If there is some reason to think there has been a material misrepresentation of the SEC filings, then that would be a matter for SEC and/or DOJ investigation.

    Seems to me the FBI would only get involved if there was actual criminal activity, such as money laundering, sales of fraudulent stock, or the like.

    Can anyone point to any case where the FBI investigated a company's production numbers, when it wasn't part of an investigation of something more significant?

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  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Noticed something else about this. WJS will normally lock you out of an article if you are not a subscriber and only show you the hint and go begging a subscription. The exception is when they are pushing some short and distort BS type scam or propaganda then you get the full ad infomercial BS. In this case it was unlocked because one of their useless sponsors was trying to push something.

    And it turned out it was merely a document request from a while back. And the premise is beyond stupid anyway, Tesla is still on its original schedule or ahead, it tried to speed things up in response to demand. You can see the idiocy of the whole approach, they don't want Musk because he doesn't compromise with their petrol corruption. Honestly I wish he'd have fought the SEC BS to the bitter end because it was pure injustice but then where would the results be for the company. This stuff here appears to be timed BS.

    So for people who read the WJS- first ask yourself why are you reading that garbage but then cancel your subscription and ask your friends to do the same- assuming you agree with this analysis- is there any other protest? But really no one ever who values their rights and freedoms should ever be giving any organization that takes ad revenue a subscription and further people should avoid media that carries ads like the plague. If you're going to take info from people they should be accountable to you only- its a basic conflict of interest understanding. Open honest search especially with the semantic component gets rid of the censorship (of candidates and votes and corruption of law) that sponsorship and ads promote. Some day in the US we will find a way to make sponsorship the crime it is- try to use money as speech and do time. There will be ways to pay sites like this one without ads. See the SAFE network for instance. Its coming.
  5. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

  6. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Bob I typed that in and now see they locked it like normal where before it was open.

    Maybe they are actually having second thoughts about peddling this bs realizing they crossed a line or someone pointed out how obvious they are with leaving it open when generally they don't. I really don't think they should be allowed to exist in anything like their present menace-to-society form. We need a radical restructure of media that makes it something other than captured bs, we actually need a free press not this prostitute money garbage. Musk burns them when he shows the world their rights killing farce of a media and its attention theft ad manipulations don't even amount options if you actually offer value- but they cost of our freedom because hiding behind this captured media nonsense is what allows money to control our politics which is anti democratic to the max and is a simple purchased law or as crime set up.
    Law in that context serves no higher purpose than momentary protection money.
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  8. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Reuters attempting to say the take private tweets had no basis in fact. Ah no, it very likely had a huge basis in fact. This is just like the claim about production intent. Half a second ago Model 3 wasn't the best selling car in the US but cheats have been cheated because half a second there was somehow less supposed to be less than perfect intent to deliver an impossible result but despite impossibility and somehow less than perfect intent the impossible was delivered but ignore all of that because there was intent on less than perfect intent that still achieved the impossible.

    Obviously it was was "worth it" because it highlights that these agencies and the captured media are run but corrupt idiots. So clearly worth and nothing to be repentant about when trying to stand up to injustice.

    It starting to look like the treatment of Juilian Assange. Assange did what a real media is supposed to do but in response outright corruption asserted that corruption was the law- where is the rule of law? This highlights that fossil fuel is about slavery in intent and aim.

    This conspiracy of a media keeps trying to paint strength as weakness. When Musk apparently threatened to walk if the board didn't stand up to the bs transparent injustice of the SEC claims... of course that was the right thing including actually walking in protest it they hadn't shown they weren't willing to roll over. Then as now is he supposed to just stand by as the USG attempts to scuttle Tesla and be puppetized into helping them sell that crime (?)- it would be a crime against humamity given the climate context. They try to paint not selling out as weakness. They tried to co-opt him with Trump's economic council and he left when Trump took the US temporarlily out of the Paris accord. I say temporarily because one way or another the US is coming back.

    I wonder if the world is going to have to sanction the US refusing to trade with the US (almost like the US is doing to Iran) in order to get the US to drop the fossil fuel slavery bs. Was the rest of the world laughing at Trump at the UN the next step beyond Paris at concerted action? Can tell you this, I don't think any one will be fighting any more wars for fossil fuel anymore because the world doesn't need it any more- Musk has proven that. And as for petroleum everyone has enough reserve capacity for that plastic or other material needs. Bye bye petrol dollar reserve currency- world is tired of being ransomed.
  9. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    What is really happening with the attacks on Tesla?

    Here are my guesses:

    I believe the most urgent attacks have been over auto pilot and this nonsense will ratchet up and
    become even more transparent and intolerable because Tesla is now in the clear lead with Navigate
    on Auto-Pilot- even beyond Waymo.

    I think it is very likely that the event that led to the splitting with Mobile Eye
    was the result of an actual conspiracy designed to set back the uptake of automated vehicles.

    I also think it likely that the most recent attacks including the SEC and FBI push are more of the same
    and also more than anything over auto pilot.

    I think it likely that the reason Tesla didn't go private was because of pressure from the same entities
    (including the USG) on the partners- namely SA wealth fund- involvement of Goldman with its petrol
    derivative saturation might not have helped.

    I think the panic over auto pilot in particular (and Tesla soon having the best-selling car in the US)
    is because as Tony Seba says AV is an exponential accelerator for electrification uptake- and petrol
    doesn't want Musk's necessary clarity of vision and purpose on ditching their unnecessary
    economically uncompetitive (no legitimate profit) product.

    Suspect they've been pressuring Musk behind the scenes to cave but he won't.

    I think it likely that inviting Musk to Trump's economic council was simply another attempt at co-option
    and to try to make the temporary withdrawal from the Paris accord look more legitimate.

    I think petrol is in total panic right now and is trying to rig anything they can to protect the
    petrol scam- they may try to hide behind the elections commotion, they may be trying to ransom
    Musk against Trump with the FBI (and weaken the apparent legitimacy of the FBI) because the
    legitimate left and some of the right want fossil fuel gone yesterday. The claimed info arround an
    FBI position seems incredibly weak it would be like saying just as iPhone 4 was hitting volume that it
    is necessary for the FBI to publically slam Apple because it was slightly delayed- in this case there
    would be a million gag orders- hoping people learn to defy those.

    Saw Reuters yesterday or the day before trying to assert that there was no basis in fact for taking Tesla
    private as if this were established and settled and this may telegraph the next steps for this group of
    colluders. Under cover of election noise they may try to assert that Musk should be removed and
    or try to distract or tie him up in legal proceedings claiming there is some BS criminality for trying to
    oppose petrol corruption- hence Musk saying it was worth the 20 million in a recent tweet and Larry
    Ellison coming to his defense. There is nothing cumulative about their pile of BS- there is no
    DeLorean or Baker story here this is a story of wild solid success against the odds.

    It appears that Chanos has always been the the shill of the oil industry- insight into Enron (shale) seems
    quite likely to have been provided by its competitor of for the same subsidies dollars Big Oil- so there
    was no insight. So there is no mystery about this person whose career was made shilling for oil would
    be employed shilling for it again against a much bigger threat. When Chanos says the firm is worth
    0 he is reflecting their commitment (conspiracy) to drive the company into bankruptcy its like an affirmation
    but he underestimates the public's resolve to deal with petrol slavery. The continued existence of US democracy
    and petrol fuel energy are not compatible.

    As we know an oil industry exec was caught trying to impersonate Musk- it led to suit against that exec
    that appears to have been successful (but presumably settled)

    As we know after shill rag WJS went after one of its own for a positive comment resulting in self
    silencing (its own shills on its own site?) Musk went after apparent short and distort Oil Exec
    Montana Skeptic and he self-silenced rather having the short and distorted petrol shill community
    exposed to lime light action.

    As we know someone actively trying to sabotage a Tesla plant was caught and the short and distort
    captured media tried to brand him a whistle blower.

    It also looks curious that BMW globally was facing injunctions for car fires but all this BS that Nasim
    Taleb had to call out was out in the media constantly on Tesla supposedly having the problem- but no
    coverage of ICE maker BMW.

    Also know that BMW is now facing criminal charges for its own Diesel Gate involvement in Germany so
    is the FBI push perhaps also part of a push perhaps by fossil fuel retail front BMW- to push its
    problems as Tesla's we know BMW is hit harder by BMW than anyone else but also know its
    leadership appears to remain utterly clueless about the full transition coming soon and being

    In another fishy crash of a Model X where the driver claimed to the Tesla store that the vehicle had
    veered toward a k-rail something like 7x in passing in with AP engaged that he did end up hitting it
    and Tesla was able to get control of that story and stop it by pre-empting the story with its own
    investigation and making public some of the things it learned before an a USG agency could
    manipulate things- transparency helps!

    As we know Musk tried to take the company private after substantially delivering on major road map
    promises in order to protect it from market manipulations and the shill SEC stepped in to re-enforce
    those manipulations causing Musk to accurately dub them the Short Enrichment Commission- this is
    more conspiracy- you don't let the thief go and punish the shop holder.

    Blackrock, ISS, Goldman (strange it was brought in on go private deal) all presumably are motivated by
    fossil fuel ties and derivatives in trying to remove Musk- seen that over and over again.

    Incident with mobile eye was fishy 911 style because Seal from Seal Team 6 was the victim apparently
    resulting despite long warning in a beheading (telltale sign) and also strange because he was
    supposed to have been watching a Disney movie when this happened. Not after the fact that Intel snatched up mobile
    eye for a huge sum but has done nothing. That Seal Team supposedly got Osama but then half
    disappeared- kind of presume a need for witness protection. And with regard to Osama- remember
    that was about the son of a president who also a president re-starting a pre-emptive war of
    aggression that cost his dad the presidency in order to not cut and run and continue with the effort
    to steal Iraq's oil in a way that would benefit Saudi Arabia and Israel while taking down 2 asbestos
    filled buildings at the cost of many American lives and terrorizing the American populace and which
    was an obvious farce with buildings collapsing in an impossible fashion with the announcements of
    collapse preceding the collapse and with buildings that weren't hit collapsing the same way
    and with evidence of petrol crime and petrol war bailouts evaporating and trillions of dollars in
    in treasury money disappearing with the destruction of the SEC offices. And of course of Mobile Eye
    was an Israeli company- subject to the pressures just as Saudi Sovereign presumably was in the
    efforts to take Tesla private. Think also about who Seals work for when they get out of the Navy-
    petrol on diving rigs. Think about what happened with BP and spill- anyway petrol and its incessant
    bailouts can retain mindshare to still seem necessary and relevant in the face of the truth- remember
    Christopher Hitchens trying to protect the Bush admin trying claim fossil fuel was worth it-when it

    Incident with the pedo diver seemed to be more of the same. Take advantage of Musk when he is
    stressed from constant work play on his sympathies- in the background were a team of seals- again
    some of whom supposedly perished in the effort. Then push smear.

    Rogan incident with MJ. Doubt it was Rogan could have been producers but again connected to tough
    guy UFC types connection to SEAL types push the manufactured seen and then not issue with Air
    Force- but note how quick that died down.

    Note the timing of the recent FUD down to the days and hours. Its more shock and awe crap the same
    as the oil embargo of the early 70s.

    Note now Kochs opposing EV credits while talking about subsidies from government funds propping up
    the rich being bad policy when that is what money is based on. Going further to try to put EVs at a
    disadvantage to prop up shale the way Trump with his moronic tariffs went after solar. At the same
    time in Germany there are judges talking about ways to prosecute politicians that don't follow
    climate rules and places like Madrid implementing out right bans on ICE cars in the city- these
    are petrol injunctions and it will happen with rail and marine and aviation as well.

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