Shorts who lie to the public to try to profit from damaging other's property...

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Sep 7, 2018.

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    This is the truth of it with the Tesla short sellers that try to manipulate the price down after shorting. They try to profit from lying to the pubic in ways that will damage other people's property. Some like Left even call themselves activists. So you're a pro petrol activist- that not a legitimate thing, it is a criminal public enemy kind of things, that comes with Marti Shkreli kind of enmity and response. So these extreme hypocrites try to profit not only from lying to public (intentional misrepresentation to the public should be a felony and one hugely aggravated where profit motive is part of the intent- its no mitigator is should radically increase the offense) and these types of people now claim that someone lied to stop their vandalism and righteous attempts at crime and attempting to stop or disincentivize this this type of action against property one is charged with protecting is some sort of offense civil or criminal that will be a slippery slope if not stopped? I get the insurance side of the short industry but these people are not legitimate investors or activists or any combination they are hacks that damage the public interest- and the theory they they reduce volatility and damaging speculation isn't true, they cause it.

    Musk apparently did seek to burn them (but the success of the firm was going to do that anyways and it was in the strong interest of the legitimate share holders- these people are idiots thinking the public should indemnify them for their wrong doing) but burning them permanently is that is what every good investor in Tesla wants/wanted for the damage they have been doing to the stock in through their manipulations of its value and harm to the company investors and the harm to the public and the reasons for doing these reprehensible things. And as for the SEC where where they prior? And now they are supposed to do something on behalf of the these entitled criminals- clear they haven't been convicted yet- but court of public opinion will hit them harder than the public hit Shekreli no matter the attempted paid spin by CNBC etc.

    What Musk did was warn them to get out. So if he did burn them which seems certain (they don't want to accurately talk about how much they lost (S3 isn't accurate on this at all) because it shows what fools they are and how they shouldn't be taken seriously but notice how the short interest in Tesla suddenly dropped. It dropped because they bluff was called. Notice how much these fools have lost in reality so far which totally destroys their arguments about damage, they keep putting their hand in the fire and getting burned but when someone tries to stop them they want to sue as if they have some standing?

    It also dropped because of what is about to happen. Every one of these that tries to join will find all their dealings investigated and when it is found that they put the money in and then paid to get a bunch of clear lies (pure intentional misrepresentation to artificially lower the stock price) broadcasts to try to be rewarded for lying and get the pay-off, these people will go down the same path Chanos did when he tried that and was found out in actions against a financial company and had to run away. Interesting to know if Chanos sued, if he had further losses but didn't it is probably because he knows what is coming next. So suddenly its not safe to try to short and tell lies. So for a while while Tesla's sales ramp up, this stupid behavior is off limits because now there will be a flood light on it, it doesn't work under transparency hope there is a way to implicate some of the stupid sponsored media outlets that they they have a right to get paid for spreading information they know to be lies. Really hope Tesla begins to counter sue these groups to pieces. Hope it destroys the whole short industry in precedent setting destruction- as that begins to be a real possibility I image they entities will try to settle- hope Tesla doesn't settling and pushes the precedents to the absolute limit. These entities and actions really harm technology and real growth in society. These are the worst kind of speculators.
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