Short Selling needs to be recognized as crime- negligible utility but very serious harm

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Sep 30, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Think about the people who made money off of 911 through short selling.

    There is the claim that it reduces volatility, but in practice its akin to insurance fraud. There might also be the claim that it enhances investor confidence because legitimate investors are able to make larger or more confident bets or bets they might not otherwise have place through the insurance shorting provides which improves access to capital for firms. But if you're the investor that tried to insure you investment legitimately through the short exchange you don't want the short exchange forced on you its still a loss.

    But what do you do with these speculators who claim they are investors when they place short bets and then pay to have constant unending lies written in the media (sponsored wink, wink) about firms they target to perpetrate their frauds so that they can drive the price down and then profit from vandalizing other people's property? There is a huge interest in shining a light of transparency on firms but there is no legitimate interest in deceiving the public and investors about firms because that undermines the utility of capital and even less interest in allowing profit from this.

    The profit from this needs to be regulated away and the action needs to be criminalized.
    And in the case of the Tesla short Sellers, Tesla needs to go after them. Musk can get the 20 million he lost back and reverse some of the BS the SEC foisted on the firm because some shorts who could very well have been caught up in the fraud aspect got burned for frauding when they were getting burned anyway. One tiny solace is their positions get permanently wiped out when the stock rises above a certain point- and this does happen. But this also incentivizes them to tell incessant lies to prevent that from happening, but in the case of Tesla seems pretty clear they are just petrol fronts mainly and doing it the same way Black Rock and ISS try to sabotage Tesla from the inside, this isn't a difference of opinion this appears to be transparent attempts at sabotage.

    Notice the radical stupidity of the claims of shorts that the SEC seemed to opportunistically address by smashing the share price and trying to blame it on Musk- their claim is: Musk said he could take the firm private but then he didn't so he was lying. Why would he ever make a false claim that would be almost immediately found out? Answer, he never would because that would be suicidal stupid. To try to make this obvious BS seem more compelling they tried to say he would do it again.

    What the shorts were claiming and the SEC too and still trying to foist isn't even credible on its face. Shorts don't like the actual underlying story because it destroys their BS thesis that they have been trying to foist on the public with their claims that Tesla isn't worth anything e.g., Chanos has constantly been saying Tesla isn't worth anything when Tesla is in fact dominating electric cars and destroying BMW apparently across its full model range in the US and revenues will be up by double over last year and Tesla is making the best products that exist with the highest customer satisfaction.

    What is known is the Saudi Sovereign Wealth fund was very much interested in buying a large stake in Tesla and had reached out several times also apparently Musk thought he had it lined up. What isn't credible is the claim that he was lying which the SEC with a ring through its nose by these financial vandals used to drive the share price down and reward these arrogant fraud mongers. Musk also warned these short fools well ahead of time, even before actual investors, so its not like he sucker punched the shorts although they deserved it at the very least. Hoping Musk sues the SEC and these shorts. The timing on this also looked calculated to destroy a spike in Tesla's stock connected to AP9s release- wanting to punish Tesla for success.

    Attempting to muzzle Musk on Twitter is also unacceptable. All the terms of this settlement, all of them need to be public, any black mailing by the SEC needs to be public no NDAs and other sorts of gag letters- whole thing looks like pure corruption.

    Crucial will be keeping the petrol shills from Black Rock and ISS out of the temporary chairman spot and finding a way to sue and remove these people if they turn out to be shills. Also going after the petrol shorts with every remedy and action the law will allow. Also no compromise on the mission statement, no slowing down and no product cancellations. The way to know the new chair or board members are shills is if they start pushing for attempts to weaken the company- e.g., ads and product delays and cheapened products- they need to stay in the background and not get in the way and be publicly removed if they start getting in the way with the reason disclosed for their removal.

    Tesla need to drive the share price up to destroy these shorts through market domination and revisit going private again as soon as possible. Tesla needs to do Pravdah, especially on the shorts and not just corrupt sponsored media (nothing more corrupt than sponsorship and the conflict on interest known as sponsored media- its how the public loses its voice, its right and its law becomes a matter of bribery and people get reduced to property.) We will lose all our freedom on the travesty of allowing sponsored media- if a media has a subscription of any kind it should never be allowed to accept sponsorship and the public should know sponsored media is lie based media-might as well be called employer supply side oligarch media.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    What a great article- shows why the SEC was clueless. Also brings up insider trading and it seems that S&D or short and distort form of short
    selling is a lot like insider trading. "Short and Distort" is apparently illegal so why hasn't the the SEC gone after so many of the S&D types messing with Tesla?

    Author also has an article talking about potential Tesla board members. Presuming Musk stays on as a board member.
    Suggest Jennifer Granholm (seems good on the surface but too close to Hillary who really turned out to be a petrol shill) and also suggests Dieter Zetsche but he too turned out to be a petrol foot dragger hence he was kicked from Daimler when its new EVs were underwhelming.
    SEC should not have any say in who the members are except that they be independent. It sure as hell can't be anyone from the petrol or their ICE maker petrol retailers completely wrong to bring in people from the history of total failure.

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