Short & Distorts using Proxy Liars to headline their frauds?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Oct 21, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Where is the SEC on this short and distort bs? Now instead of referencing Einhorn or Chanos who themselves appear to be fossil fuel proxies they reference the sponsor captured media references them in the vein of the "artist formerly known as" or puts one of their shill underlings at the head of the article as if it were something new but it is the same short and distort bs that is a fraud and crime under present law.

    The new one is about Tesla causing suppliers to fail leading to critical component supply disruptions and it sounds like real. Tesla share holders in my opinion should go after it as it along with the SEC punishing the victim seems to be causing real harm to the share value.

    Then there is CNBC as more captured media keeping the fossil fuel fud going. They hate the purity the vision so Musk is to be muzzled and they lie, lie, lie. Where was their bitching about Jobs? The groups that paid them for lies can be identified- oh we know its their sponsors, because it bribery based media, lies for $$ and that would include Exxon and Koch industry and others. Wonder if they've taking any money from foreign governments lately- Russia and some Mid East states maybe? How much money did they take from these groups during the elections? The same people that are sponsored owned employer owned and censor our candidates take our money to engage in more rounds of censorship bribery and enabling the treason of highest bidder law as crime.

    What is needed is not just media reform out right restructuring that bars theft of attention and attention enclosure and capture and bars modal ads and paid prioritization profit for censorship. When we can get a just government up and running hopefully there will be a heavy, heavy consequence for people like the FCC chair- you cannot sell out the entire world and think that will not come back to you. How did the man feel justified in his absolute seething contempt of the people? Imagine someone so out of touch with reality given even a drop of power. Just my opinion but 1000 life sentences wouldn't be enough to cover damaging humanity so fundamentally. Hoping even for horrid ex-post legal solutions and ways to breach agency power on this and the idiot EPA heads- these people violated the constitutional rights of every American seems like it should be enough even under the APA for action.
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