Shill media beginning to quote and cite itself to paint phony consensus

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 24, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    So now we have Fortune which is Time inc. citing shill rag Business Insider (where telling the truth is only a loss leader) citing Ars Technica- the worst trying to create a consensus. If Business Insider says it is proven. This is part of trying to pass off a shill employee as a whistle blower- so now their shill plant is supposed to be protected lest they get caught. So sabotage is accepted as long as its runs through a designated shill? Remember about 6 entities and their interlocking board control US fake media.

    Canada Bank Gov calling for petrol firms to be able to kill petrol protesters because he claims pro petrol is the will of the people and rule of law will fail if it is not allowed. ( )

    Kochs pushing life sentences for petrol protestors in different states through anti democratic apparent criminal entity ALEC. ( )

    Interesting in that vox-clamantis article you see climate legend Hansen is pro nuclear- always wondered if petrol sabotaged nuclear- is it just bad luck that there is no waste eliminating fission reactor running on a more abundant fuel?

    Trump forcing people to buy coal power under national security

    Trump pushing trade war to protect petrol as another bailout

    Lets not forget what happened in Nevada. Solar panel buyers with net metering found themselves the target of a retributive ex-post facto rate increase for exercising their basic freedoms against petrol fuel energy. Basically if you leave they will come up with some sort of toll road fee to still try to rip you off. Or claim their for-profit private monopolies have a right to pass the cost on to others because they have a right to profit guaranteed.

    Now LA times is trying to say Tesla may have a profit but it is cheating by selling carbon credits to Casinos and this despite 1.3 trillion in US direct state subsidies annually to the petrol fuel energy sham industry due to its terrorism and financial hostage taking- that must be ignored.

    Meanwhile your medical premiums are going up also the price of every other insurance or financial product to hedge and prop up perennial loser petrol fuel energy with bad investments and the cost passed on to captive citizens. 1.3 trillion in your tax dollars a year or more going to that obsolete industry to support rent seeking by the net negative contribution petrol rich. It is time to evict these rent seekers through ending subsidies adding a carbon tax to keep that nailed down and clawing back on them to make them disgorge their ill gotten gains with interest.
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Thanks for the link:
    Fortune cites this article:

    There are several links to PDF files with the facts and data shared by Tesla including the phone call about the Tripp threat. All in all, well worth a read although I had to download the linked files to get them in Adobe where I could expand the enough to read.

    Bob Wilson

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