Sharing some efficiency numbers, winter tires in Alberta

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by ansonchappell, May 4, 2023.

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  1. ansonchappell

    ansonchappell New Member

    PXL_20230503_215444742.jpg PXL_20230504_023554871.jpg PXL_20221124_033827802 (1).jpg PXL_20230503_215444742.jpg I purchased my 2023 Preferred in Calgary Alberta November 2022. I had aftermarket rims and winter tires installed from the get-go. Yesterday I changed to the stock (aerodynamic) rims with Michelin Pilot Sports. I reset the trip info and have posted the photo for your reference.

    Some info about the driving: my commute to work is 127km one way, mostly highway. I set the cruise at 110km/h and don't drive the car any differently than I did my ICE cars (ie regular acceleration, no hypermiling). I estimate that of the 29000+ km on the odometer, about 85% is highway driving. This winter my commute times were about 82 minutes each way, consuming roughly 35% battery per trip on average. Worst was over 40% consumption when the temperature was below -30*C; 3.8km/kwh. Best was 30% with a tailwind; approx 5.4km/kwh. My average over the 29000 km was 5.1km/kwh on winter tires.

    Today's drive in on the new PS tires averaged 5.8km/kwh, which is a nice little improvement and the best average I've seen since owning the car.

    Hope this helps some folks wondering about efficiency on winter tires.
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  3. Purchased May 2022. Most of my driving is highway too but speed is usually 80 to100km/h. Just about to hit 29,000 We don't get quite as cold as you and no snow, no winter tyres needed. Average is around 6.7km/kwh. I hate the kwh/100kms so I set my display to the same as yours.
  4. ansonchappell

    ansonchappell New Member

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks khw/100km is incomprehensible.
  5. NewEVGuy

    NewEVGuy New Member

    Just curious, as a new owner, the advantage to km/kWh?
  6. JohnDD

    JohnDD New Member

    I like the kWh/ 100 km since it's similar to the ICE car I had which showed litres/ 100 k. I can then easily figure out gasoline cost per 100 km vs electricity cost per km. In winter I typically do 18 or even more kWh/ 100 km.
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  8. It's personal I suppose. To me it gives a finer idea of distance available.

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