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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by FrankM, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. FrankM

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    We would really like to buy Niro ev but since it's not sold in PA will have to purchase relatively far away in NJ. I've contacted closer Kia dealers who don't sell Kia ev to ask if they'll service it, and they say the can't. Has anyone resolved this problem? Thank you.
  2. davidtm

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    I spoke to my dealer in central Virginia. While they will not sell EVs, he said that Kia had designated this a "green area", and so the techs are required to be trained on servicing them. So, whenever the new Soul EVs arrive, I'll buy one in Maryland.

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  3. Embra

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    I recently listened to Tom Moloughney address this question in this video (starts at the 26:40 mark).

    He said that service in states not selling the EV would be "questionable." He asserted that the manufacturer would have a legal responsibility to provide service to any car it sold in the country...though he did allow that it might be like pulling teeth to get it done. He said that if no dealer nearby were willing to do it, that the manufacturer would have to ship it to someone that *could* service it. But they could make it hard for you.

    Interesting notion. I don't think I'd count on service being available in the outlander states in the near term. I'm in Pennsylvania, too, but I'm close enough to Maryland to make the drive if/when I'd need to.
  4. TandM

    TandM Member

    I am in Ohio and own a Niro EV which we bought in Maryland. Within 2 weeks of purchase I cracked the windshield and had to have it serviced. My local dealership had no trouble with this at all (even though it takes special calibration equipment which they hadn't used before since it isn't the same piece that is used on most Kia).

    We would have a 400 mile drive to make to return to the originating dealership but still purchased without hesitation. Our local dealership has already sent 3 techs to EV training because they see these being the vehicles of the future and they want to get ahead of the curve (plus they have the hybrid and PHEV versions of the Niro which are allowed in our state so it makes sense for them to learn how to handle the battery technologies safely now).
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  5. ResidentSuprhero

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    I posted something similar in another forum. I live in southeastern Wisconsin and was also looking into the Niro EV. After speaking with a few dealers, they all said the same thing: In order to get warranty repair for the battery/ electric powertrain, it would have to get shipped to NY ~500 mi away. It is what they did when someone brought in a Soul EV for service.

    The person I spoke with wasn't sure whether I'd pay for shipping or they would. But you have to figure you'd lose your car a few extra days just due to shipping. I forgot to ask if they'd provide a loaner during the repair.
  6. TandM

    TandM Member

    I had mine in for the 7500 mile check up and tire rotation today with absolutely no problems and they looked it over the for the SA394 service bulletin (ordered the part and they will have me back in a couple days to take care of that). The local dealership I am using had 2 service techs trained for the Hybrids/PHEVS/EVs (the training from Kia is the same for all 3 versions of the Niro) so even though I am 400+ miles and in a non-sale state for the Niro EV, they are not having any troubles at all with the Niro EV being cared for in regards to the warranty.
  7. CanuckTom

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    Can you elaborate on this TSB? Haven't heard anything.

  8. TandM

    TandM Member

  9. Any idea how to square this with what others are posting? If training is the same for all 3 models (which makes some sense), are some dealerships just not training on electrical parts for the HEVs and PHEVs that seem to be more widely sold? Is it the parts for the BEV that are making some dealers say "Sorry, we'll need to ship it out."?
  10. TandM

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    Some dealerships may honestly just not be sending anyone for the training since it is an additional program (which would take a monetary investment in those employees) and because service isn't needed as often on HEVs/PHEVs/EVs, their initial investment in the training takes longer to pay back. Add to it that the Niro EV takes special equipment for even part of the non-battery systems (for example the windshield takes a different set of calibration equipment than most of their other vehicles because of the size of it and the camera system) so the dealership would have to make an investment to have that on hand.

    As a part of the broader picture, in my non-ZEV state (Ohio), EVs/PHEVs only make up about 2% of the sales statewide (with the highest concentrations being in urban areas so some rural areas sell none) and that Ohio doesn't have any state level incentives for EVs (we actually have the opposite in the form of an EV registration fee that will go into effect 1/1/20) and it definitely doesn't encourage sales. When the vehicles sit on the lot, they cost the dealership money multiple times over (first by not selling, then by taking up space that could be used by another faster selling vehicle, and then in the case of an EV they don't even return often for service). All those things create a perfect storm for the dealership being turned off to taking the time to educate their staff, purchase/install expensive equipment, and carry inventory. When the EVs aren't in stock and right in front of people to touch and test drive, they don't buy them or even ask about them which in turn makes the dealership feel justified in not stocking them because they aren't selling them or being asked about them.

    I am fortunate that I live in Columbus where we have great programs in place that support not only EV owners but also dealerships and charging infrastructure companies. In fact, the electrified dealer program from Smart Columbus is going better than expected which means we have lots of great, well educated options in the central Ohio area that carry inventory (of everything they are allowed to carry) and some dealers even take it a step farther in installing equipment and training staff before they can carry inventory (because they see it as future proofing their business).
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  11. I wish Cincinnati dealers had that kind of forethought and engagement. Until then, I'm not sure I can sell "We'll just take it to Columbus for servicing!" to the missus ;)
  12. John321

    John321 New Member

    Great points about this issue
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  13. hobbit

    hobbit Active Member

    Huh. The pump shown in SA394 looks exactly like the one in the Kona, too.
    I wonder if those will have the same issue...

  14. TandM

    TandM Member

    The 2 Soul EVs that my local dealership services were both acquired through Cincinnati so somewhere there is a EV friendly Kia dealership. And if it helps any the dealership I use is on the southwest side of town so it really isn't a bad drive to it from you (less than half a charge, lol).

    Given that the vehicles are so similar, it is a good possibility but I haven't heard of any service bulletins for the water pump on the Kona. A basic internet search turned up a post on the Kona page of this forum with a few complaints about the part but no one listed a service bulletin number (so there might not be one for that vehicle yet).
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  15. RickM1971

    RickM1971 New Member

    Has anyone addressed this issue in the Chicago area? Interestingly, I found one dealership say they could obtain the vehicle for sale, but they said they could not service it. I haven't called any other local service centers yet. That dealership had the PHEV for sale, which made me optimistic they could service the EV, but no luck.
  16. A lot of the systems would be same. I suspect they do not want the liability (and maybe might jeopardize their Kia certification) and that is why. I suspect you will be out of luck until they start carrying them in Chicago. The demand seems to be increasing, with lots of them arriving in SoCal a couple of weeks ago, so it is just a matter of time.

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