Service availability in non-ZEV states?

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    I'm in Minnesota and seriously considering buying a Kona EV from out of state (nearest dealer is 14 hours away). I'm worried about a lack of local service availability.

    I called two local dealerships to inquire about when the Kona EV may be available locally. The sales rep at the first dealer basically said 'no time soon' and when asked if they can service them, he replied no. The second dealer was more encouraging. They said they had managed to import 2 Kona EVs and sold them immediately and would love to get more. He said they are able to service them.

    Kona EV owners: What service needs have you had? And for those of you outside a ZEV state, have you been able to get adequate service from dealers who aren't yet selling the EV? Finally, any specific questions I should ask to better evaluate the qualifications of the dealer that says it can provide service?
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    The real question is whether they have a tech has been trained to service the Kona EV. If not, then they will probably be limited to simple stuff like rotating tires.

    And I wouldn't talk to the sales manager - I would talk to the service manager as they would know what they can and cannot do.
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    In the US, there is no reason to have the car serviced at the dealer as they can't void your warranty if you service it yourself. The only time that they can void it is if lack of maintenance caused the issue. Now, until you reach 120k miles, the only items are checking brake pads, changing cabin air filter every 15k miles and rotating tires every 5k miles. Lack of rotating tires won't cause a warranty repair and neither will not changing the cabin air filter. Not checking brake pads on an EV is likely causing any issues either as EV's use mostly Regeneration to brake. Of course, you should change the cabin air filter every 15k miles but that can be done very quickly. I'm actually just under 15k miles and I will replace my cabin air filter. There is no reason to pay the dealer for those simple things.
    The main important thing to know is if they can perform warranty repairs.
  4. Wyldstyle

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    Thanks for the prompt responses. I contacted the Service Director at Buerkle Hyundai White Bear Lake MN and he said they have one Tech who is in-progress on a 'fast-track' certification on the Kona EV.
    (That's a lot more encouraging than the other local Hyundai dealer I contacted who conveyed an utter lack of knowledge/enthusiasm for EV: "Ummm, how do you spell that?")
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    I’m in NC and had a bunch of back and forth with my local Hyundai dealer about their ability to service my Kona that I bought in Maryland. It boils down to what BlueKona said, if they have a tech trained to service the EV, then they can work on the car. If not, they’re limited in what they can do. Here is the last email I received from the dealership:

    “Wednesday our rep was here, we are now authorized to SELL the electric Ioniq.... however we can not service the electrical motor part (We can do warranty paid work on non engine components such as window motors, radios, power steering etc). And more importantly we cannot order any from the factory. i.e. we can trade with another dealership for them, say from Maryland, but cannot ask for a quantity to be sent to us from the factory. Today we are supposed to trade a hard to get Palisade for our first EV Ioniq ..... problem is it will have to charge twice to get it here as is over 300 miles away....”

    Also talked with Hyundai U.S.A. and they confirmed that it’s up to the local dealerships to decide if they want to train their techs or not. But the again, unless something goes wrong that needs warranty service, I can’t think of anything that you or the dealership shouldn’t be able to easily handle.

    Buy the car, you’ll love it!

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    Just came back from my local Hyundai dealer here in Lakeland/Florida to get the cabin air filter as I just hit 15k miles. I inquired if their techs completed the required training to do warranty repairs on the all electric models and they assured me that they are certified to work on them and to perform warranty repairs.. That's great..
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