Semi making its inaugural run from Gigafactory to Fremont factory

Discussion in 'Semi' started by Domenick, Mar 8, 2018.

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  2. Shortly afterwards, pics from others started making there way to the internet. Check out this post on InsideEVs for a collection of those.
  3. Ok, well, if you announce the first trip of the Semis from factory to factory, people are going to hunt them down, and take pictures and video. Maybe even follow them.

    Thanks to that, we now know what kind of noiose a Tesla Semi makes while accelerating with a load.

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  4. A further bit of info, according to a poster on TMC, both of the Semis are the small battery versions. Also, the photos and vids of the trucks at Rocklin Supercharger were taken on the way back from Fremont.
  5. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    That does not surprise me, given the speculation that the longer range version will have an extended "sleeper" cab. These prototypes are just "day cabs" with no storage/sleeping area in back.

    Well, on that point I was mistaken. I thought the Tesla Semi Truck would not be able to charge up at a regular Supercharger, given the apparently higher voltage of the main battery pack and the fact that the Semi Truck's plug port has 8 or 9 holes!


    I'd love to see photos of the truck charging. Did it have to be supplied with an external voltage converter, or is that handled by what's built into the truck?
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  7. The pictures I've found of it showed it pulled up to the Supercharger, but unfortunately, no one seemed to have gotten a shot of the actual plug going into the thing.

    Semi supercharging.jpg

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