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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by M. Shah, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. M. Shah

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    M. Shah

    Hate to see another owner hit the exit.

    Curious...why was the Clarity chosen to be sold out of 3 cars?

    Good luck.
  3. M. Shah

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    Clarity is the newest with the best condition and I can get back most of the money I paid for it.

    Second car is the family suv. will keep that until the wheels fall off.

    Third car is a 13 ford cmax energi which is ideal to be parked at the train station and has enough electric range for daily commute.
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  4. Clarity_Newbie

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    M. Shah


    I know a few folks looking for a Clarity...problem is the distance. I'll pass on the info.

    Good luck.
  5. M. Shah

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    Thank you clarity newbie
  6. Claritydreamer

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    No offense but your ad has a huge mistatement.
    You absolutely pay sales tax on the sale when you go to register the car.
  7. M. Shah

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    ClarityDreamer: Can you please let me know what the mistake is on the ad? I have clearly mentioned what taxes are in the ad for Illinois: Buying from a dealer will cost buyers 7 to 9% ($2000 to $2300 approximately) sales tax as opposed to $390 from a private party. I am in Palatine. Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. MrFixit

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    I do not live in Illinois, but found this debate interesting.

    In my state, @Claritydreamer would be right... There is no difference in taxation for a used vehicle if bought from a dealer or a private party. A quick Google revealed however, that Illinois is different. However, I do not believe the tax would be $390 as @M.Shah asserts either. If the car sold for more than $25K, the tax would be $1000.

    Here are the references:

    Of course, if someone outside of Illinois were to buy the vehicle, it would likely be subject to whatever tax their home state demands.
  9. LAF

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    that is what I paid for mine new after rebates- it would be a great sign for the rest of us if you got 26K.
  10. M. Shah

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    I stand corrected about $390. I only saw the top part on the phone so I put the number. I will change my listing to reflect the right number. Thank you for pointing it out.
  11. AlanSqB

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    I can’t get the add to open for some reason. Wondering what you’re listing it for. I’m disappointed to see yet another big drop per KBB this month as the “deals” on new have really brought down the value. I know that’s the way it works and it my punishment for being an early adopter/buyer. As a repeat Honda buyer, I’m just not used to the rapid drop in used price. As a repeat EV owner, I guess it’s not surprising. I got my $12,500 in tax rebates which means if I traded the car today for KBB (about $20k) I would have paid just about $5k for almost two years of use. Not bad after all, just not the great deal later buyers got.
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  12. fotomoto

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    Ahh, I knew I recognized that name. LOL My '13 CMax Energi is still doing great.

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  13. Robert_Alabama

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    Yes, that's how it works in Alabama. For an out of state purchase, no matter who you buy the car from, you pay the sales tax in Alabama that is due when you register the vehicle. Same tax is owed, no matter who you bought the car from. That puts a kink in a California purchase where they are so determined (unless you can find a dealer that will fill out the forms and agree to ship out of state) to collect sales tax for California there.
  14. M. Shah

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    Correct. You pay based on the state you register the car. I created the ad based on Illinois, where I currently reside. Unfortunately we get no state rebates and the real deals started showing up in May/June in Illinois.
  15. Michigan isn’t too far from Illinois. There seem to be quite a few folks in MI who are seeking clarity. There’s also a member in MA who is considering going to CA to buy one. Just a thought.

    See: Cross Country Purchase
  16. 4sallypat

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    Another out of state distance option: shipping service.

    I use to get multiple quotes for shipping vehicles on LTL or auto transport carriers.
  17. interestedinEV

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    Just curious I looked up the KBB Blue Book values for this car using both the private party and dealer prices for the local area. The mileage used is more then actual mileage (25,000) so these prices will be a little more than shown and it has a spare set of tires. So I am not saying that $26,000 is an unreasonable starting price, I think it is little on the higher side, especially as there is a tax credit involved to original buyer. Again, the car may be worth every $ you asked for so you do not have to change the price if it has some extras.


  18. M. Shah

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    I have an uncle that owns a used car dealership and I can get substantial discounts on shipping of the car. Also open to doing paperwork using his dealership if the buyer wants. I understand $26K is a lot of money and some people might be skeptical buying from a private party.
  19. M. Shah

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    @interestedinEV: I looked up pricing on cargurus/ for clarity in a 500 mile radius with similar mileage as me and came up with the number. From what I researched my price was the lowest for a touring.
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  20. interestedinEV

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    I don't doubt you did your research. All I am saying is that this is what KBB tells me and based on that, it looks to be in red zone of KBB. You know your car best, and you can re-do the calculations in KBB, based on more data. See what you come up with and then you can decide how you want to proceed. Based on personal experience, do expect buyers will look at the numbers first and KBB is a popular site. If it is too high, they may decide not to even contact you as they might think that it is not worth the hassle. Red Zone of KBB is considered high.

    Again pricing used cars is not an exact science, so there is no one way to do it.

    And if you uncle is a used car dealer, I am sure he would be able to run KBB numbers for you.
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