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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Dante, Mar 19, 2019.


    PHEVLO New Member

    I started looking at the Clariity last January. Saw them only on dealer lots in Salt Lake City area. Saw one on the freeway the same day I bought mine in mid-May. I've seen one other one since.
  2. DanGest

    DanGest New Member

    20190616_152402.jpg Figured the forum might get a kick out of this less than two blocks from my house where my wifes clarity and my grey clarity were also parked, hopefully you can make out one parked on the side of the road with another going through the intersection (lots in palo alto), 4 claritys within two blocks :) View attachment 5089
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  3. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    I know L.A. experiences shouldn't count but yesterday I found a silver Clarity identical to mine parked next to me on my workplace parking lot. I almost took the charging cable off the wrong one...
  4. Central Penn

    Central Penn New Member

    At the start of our road trip last week, I told my wife that we might actually get to see another Clarity (since they are quite a rarity in Central PA and our trip would have us driving through NY, CT, and MA). After spending a week in the Boston area and then driving back to PA, we had spotted a grand total of exactly zero. Once home, I went to do an errand, turned the corner, and — you guessed it — there was a beautiful crimson Clarity parked on the road two minutes from my house in State College. Nice.

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  5. Mowcowbell

    Mowcowbell Active Member

    I'm still the unicorn in central Oklahoma. Have not seen a single Clarity besides mine since buying one in March.

    On the other hand, if I owned a white 1/2 ton lifted 4x4 pickup with truck nuts on the hitch, I would have counted so many cousins that I'd give up counting them.
  6. RobinBrain

    RobinBrain Member

    Seen two in Queens.
  7. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member Subscriber

    There was a white one with Iowa (I think) plates heading south on I-69 in southern Michigan this morning. @Viking79 ?
  8. M.M.

    M.M. Active Member

    I'm actually starting to see them pretty regularly in my corner of rural far-northern California. Nowhere near as common as Volts or even Leafs here, but no longer a surprise to pass one.

    The funny part (to me, anyway) is that I discovered the Clarity existed when I saw one parked at my neighborhood supermarket and looked up what it was when I got home. I ended up buying one a few months later, which also happened to be an identical dark grey Touring (not my fault that's the best color).

    My wife and I have so far tried to get into the wrong one at least once at the store, since they live 3 or 4 blocks up the hill from us and shop at the same places.
  9. megreyhair

    megreyhair Active Member

    Saw a gray one last night parked across from me at a free Volta charger :) in NJ
  10. RickSE

    RickSE Active Member

    Saw a grey one going north on 89 in Vermont. Only saw one Tesla as well so I guess the Clarity is catching up!
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  11. Tomrl

    Tomrl Member

    Saw 1! only on our trip up to near Mt. Hood, saw at least 10 Teslas. It's a true shame Honda is not pushing this car, for local driving and a trip like the one I just took (around 300 mi. RT w/ charging at each end) it's darn near perfect (yes a Tesla would be excellent as well). I drove the whole trip at 72 MPH w/ AC and came home w/ 80+ MPGe. Count me as one extremely satisfied Clarity owner. Too bad all those who check out my car can't find one at their local dealer. I'm so glad I pulled the trigger when I did. This is hands down the best car I've ever owned.
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  12. live2learn

    live2learn New Member


    Uptown Charlotte, city run EV charging parking spots are the only open ones, which is nice.

    Pulled up to the open spot and right in front of me a dark cherry Clarity.


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  13. MajorAward

    MajorAward Active Member

    That is a rare site in the Southeast. I've yet to see another one in the NW burbs of ATL
  14. Clarity Dave

    Clarity Dave Member

    Our car found its doppelganger in my work parking lot, in Everett, WA. Ours is the dirtier one on the right :). IMG_2292post.jpg
  15. Geor99

    Geor99 Active Member

    Yesterday on the ride home on the 805 in San Diego, I had a Clarity in front of mine and a Clarity in the rear.

    Perhaps, the world's first 3 Clarity train to be sighted in the wild:)
  16. jack.

    jack. New Member

    I was behind a white Clarity in my white Clarity yesterday on the 15.

    Kind of surprised at how many I've been seeing in San Diego lately.
  17. Geor99

    Geor99 Active Member

    They do seem to be all over the place in San Diego lately.
  18. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Saw my first Clarity in Tallahassee this morning!

    This is only the 2nd I've ever seen in the wild. Spotted the first one at a park in West Virginia earlier this year. 20190819_080944.jpeg

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  19. live2learn

    live2learn New Member

    Do love the silver on the Clarity!!

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  20. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    Saw my first Clarity (crimson) in the wild in the burbs west of Utica, NY a few days back. The driver was just driving like any other driver of any other car, didn't even look in my direction. What's with that? I thought that all Clarity owners are always looking for another Clarity on the road :)
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