Same old Idiot media narrative: Tesla Can't Afford...

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    All the normal idiot media outlets are on hand. Axios, Techcrunch, Endgadget, The Verge, Jalopnik, LA Times, Wall St. Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, . Surely BI and Extreme Tech and SF Chronical can't be long in echoing.

    Now they are saying Tesla can't afford the China factory. We've heard this nonsense ad-nauseam from the start. But if Tesla moves through the Model 3 reservation list with anything like the claimed margins it surely will be able to afford the factory and one in Germany as well along with expansion of Gigafactory 1. This has been a consistent narrative. It is always about Tesla will be denied capital and therefore will not be allowed to succeed, as if capital says it is up to us if allowed to stay in business. Effort is to reduce Tesla to a compliance type fail convincingly outfit. So the real message is there is only money for criminality and corruption like the fraud of the petrol subsidies. This makes me wonder if a lot of this was timed to the the new petrol bailout fraud with the tariffs.

    Why did the Trump admin time it to the day of the Tesla factory announcement if not to save the useless petrol shorts form more destruction? Seems that the fools have lost about 15 billion already betting against Tesla and were set to lose a total of 24 billion. Those losses are still coming. Hopefully more people suffer the fate of Einhorn and that other shill that bet against Tesla, see if it takes Chanos down. Thinking about the Chanos analysis of Enron- clearly Enron was just a scam to help bankrupt CA and try to bring in Schwarzenegger. But who else would have known about the early scam in Natural Gas known as Enron? Maybe Exxon (?,) kind of the way they knew about climate change. Maybe they didn't want a competitor for petrol subsidies? Think maybe they tipped off Chanos and hence his initial claim to fame, it makes for a kind of insider trading. Think maybe these groups now bankroll him against Tesla?

    Maybe Chinese government will give Tesla a 0% loan? Slap a tariff on petrol imports and transfer the difference to green- a great strategy.
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