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Discussion in 'ID.4' started by NickD, Apr 25, 2023.

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  1. NickD

    NickD New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm buying a EV in the next 30 days and strongly considering a gently used RWD ID.4 Pro S that's for sale near me. I currently live in NW Pennsylvania but have a move to Florida planned next year. If I was staying in PA, I would only buy AWD to survive our winters, but I have another AWD gas vehicle available to drive for this (hopefully) last winter.

    I'm curious if anyone who owns a RWD ID.4 can tell me about it's performance on country dirt/gravel roads? I'm not talking about any true off-roading, just public dirt roads that aren't super muddy and not during winter.

    I currently drive a F150 4x4 that's on it's last legs, but don't need a truck to haul anymore. In my truck, I never need 4WD outside of winter. I'm thinking the ID.4 should be almost better than an empty truck in RWD due to the weight distribution. I have prior EV experience from about 10 years ago when I leased a 2013 Nissan Leaf. It was FWD of course, but I took it down dirt roads without thinking twice and never had a problem.
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  3. papab

    papab Member

    I can't comment specifically about the RWD ID4, but most of us over the hill folks drove nothing but rear wheel drive for the 1st half of our life. It makes it easier to power slide out of the corners on dirt roads :) No reason for AWD in Florida.
    Make sure it's had all of the recalls done & the battery is in good shape.
  4. MaineGuy

    MaineGuy New Member

    I live up in Downeast Maine and used to live in Erie, so I know what kind of weather you are dealing with. This was our first winter with our RWD ID.4. It handled pretty well in the snow, but if we didn't have a back up AWD Subaru I'd definitely recommend snow tires. The ID.4 has great pick up so you need to watch out for ice. We upped the battery charge to 90% and never had any problems keeping a decent charge (use it for an 80 mile a day commute). There are plenty of dirt/gravel roads around us and it performs well, as long as you know how to handle a RWD on loose surface. It is mud season here and we haven't had any problem slipping or sliding.
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