Running Leaf drive system outside car

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by shamooooot, Sep 5, 2022.

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  1. shamooooot

    shamooooot New Member

    I am working on running a 2015 Leaf system outside the car, basically running the drive system and necessary electronics on a bench.

    I was asking some technicians around about the project and they are all claiming that I need a complete car or a front cut at least as all the parts of the Leaf (electronics) are serialized and only would work together, well I know the battery controller ID needs to be programmed to the VCM. But these options would cost me quite more than sourcing the parts from different sellers and I would end up with parts that won't be needed.

    I know there's no definitive answer (I hope there is) but I need help figuring out:
    • what parts are probably needed in order for the system to run with no troubles
    • what parts must be of the same car
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