Roof top solar can address 100% not ¼ or world's energy needs!!!

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    The lies keep coming from unnecessary energy rent seekers- with more stupid reports about the potential of roof top solar. Talk to experts, last time I did even a decade ago with less efficient panels and no storage option the estimate of a Fuji engineer working in the field was that 13% or so of US rooftops could address all power commercial, residential, transport, heating and cooling. 3hrs of suns input equals all of globes annual energy needs. There is no reason we should be paying rent seeker parasites for this stuff. Note Tony Seba's God Point, we are already there. Tony said sending power over the super conducting direct current high voltage line would be cheaper than sending power from the power pole outside a home to home but that roof top plus battery would be cheaper than the cost of transmission and we've reached that point with battery backed solar. And we know that even old solar in Germany even 4 years ago without battery back up made it so that state of the art natural gas could not compete and had to close up. The key is ending fossil fuel subsidies in every form (hidden or otherwise) and making these malicious rent seekers absorb their deserved full loses and keeping them from socializing those losses.
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