Rolling Coal

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by David Dutton, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. How many have had diesel trucks roll coal at them. I have had 2 so far.
  2. TheHellYouSay

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    Man, I had to Google that one! Wikipedia explains it pretty well, it's when some idiot modifies their truck so it sucks up more fuel than the engine can burn so it spits out big clouds of black smoke. "Rolling coal is sometimes used as a form of anti-environmentalism." I seen this plenty of times, but until today I thought they were just idiots who could not afford to fix their trucks, but it's worse. They are idiots that actually modified their trucks to run in some ridiculously wasteful way to appease their desires to "look cool" or to say F U to an environmentally friendly motorist? It's true, you just can't fix stupid!!!
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  3. When it's done in front of you it is definitely a FU.
  4. My son has had it done to him in his Tesla a couple times. Not me, in my Kona, though. I think it is not as easily recognized as an EV, as the ICE version looks almost the same.
  5. Sadly, Tesla products seem to be a magnet for that kind of thoughtless practice.:(
  6. ericy

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    To me, most Tesla look like some sort of a generic sedan, and Kona looks like some sort of generic crossover.
  7. Worse than thoughtless, I would call it provocative. Those people have a "problem", and symptomatic of psychological issues. Best to avoid them...
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  8. Hedge

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    I would agree except for one prominent feature. The door "handles". They are very distinctive in the shape and the fact that they line up with the profile of the door panel.
  9. Robert Lewis

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    I had this happen to me once when I was driving my Volt. Not in the Niro yet though.
  10. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    Oh, it's worse than that. Some of these knuckle-draggers target EVs -- Leafs and Prii (Priuses) are especial targets -- to spew their filthy soot all over the EV. Sometimes they even upload photos or videos of themselves doing this aggressively stupid activity, for bragging rights. This is the same sort of mentality of those pickup drivers who intentionally block EV charging stalls. (Not to denigrate pickup drivers in general, but it seems that all those who exhibit such hostility towards EV drivers are pickup drivers!)

    A Pinterest photo showing rolling coal against a Prius.

  11. WTF? This is a completely new concept to me. I wonder if they feel like they are being criticized by people who choose electrics. This is sort of like dropping a tray in a cafeteria and then getting angry at everyone else under the assumption they are making fun of me. People are weird.

    It is ironic since the unburnt fuel, while certainly nasty from a chemical sense, will end up never making the transition into CO2. From strictly a ghg sense this is probably MORE environmentally friendly than burning the fuel properly, like if they purchased a gallon of diesel and just poured into the dirt in their yard.
  12. SouthernDude

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    It’s more about pissing off people that they think are environmentalists because they don’t want to be controlled by environmentalists.
  13. Electra

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    And this is the reason why you always see a Prius in the left lane.
  14. TheDave

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    Now that's a car I wouldn't drive. I like my Niro EV and am sticking with it.

  15. It still blows my mind someone would go to the trouble of modifying their vehicle just to bother other people a few times a week. It is like getting a specialized tattoo to taunt dachshund owners, you know, just in case you see one walking their dog while you are out and about.
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  16. SouthernDude

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    That’s just how some people are.
  17. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    Oh. My. Gawd.

    That's the most hilarious — and most dead on target — comment I've seen on social media in weeks, or perhaps months!

    Thanks for making my day... heck, my week, David T. Still chuckling as I write this.

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