Roadster to use solid state batteries?- therefore lighter than expected?

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Nov 24, 2017.

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    Panasonic has been a battery maker for 30 years. Toyota has announced a quick charging solid state battery with 2x capacity and 5 min charge for 2021 or 22. Fisker in same time period is saying graphene similar spec with 1 min charge- stor dot has had quantum dot type tech that Samsung has been trying to get into its phones and which stor dot says will be ideal for cars. These are 5 years out.

    My guess is that the roadster is still single layer just solid state. May mean 200kw pack will weigh what 100kw pack weighs and take up same space and mean roadster will destory hyper cars on track as well. Solid state reductions may not be 50% on space and weight but are substantial and may help with heating and cooling and certainly with fire risk. Certainly help with cost. May mean cell geometry changes or cell structure is less necessary as in prismatics reducing the weight by having to carry less cell shells.

    It seems that by 2020 Tesla is saying they will be at $75 kwh. To make that claim they have to have mature reliable tech now. $75 khw if I am not mistaken is well into the territory when its long been expected that petrol tech will never be able to follow either on price or performance.

    Interesting that model S at 2.75 sec 0-60 is already faster than all the hyper cars and still faster than next years 918 on 0-60. Also interesting is petrol smack talk is trying to say roadster now will lose on acceleration against petrol (hybrids now-all basically electric cars with batteries carrying around a dead weight petro motor) after 100mph. But apparently not if the Roadster front motor is tuned for HP. Setting up potential for total domination in every way against cars that cost 15x as much or more.

    So it seems Tesla may have the best rockets (but how many commercial competitors are there?) Best luxury cars sedan and SUV, its dominating the global luxury car segment, when price is no object its winning on tech and quality- its a fact by market share and the speed of share acquisition- yes quality to beyond quibbles that are improving. And is now launching the best mid level car. Its set to dominate Semi Trucks and impact rail as well. And soon the best high end sports car. And soon as well the best pick up even if it probably goes for 100K. Still it will hit F150 sales because it will destroy the psychology of the F150 market- it next to the F150 at a gas station minimart- fragile ego crowd can't handle this- lots of videos of it dragging 5 F150s up a hill backwards.
    And it seems that by 2020 or well before every Model 3 on the road will be ready for complete peer based autonomous electric mobility. By then Model Y will be the same but hitting the core of the auto market with Tesla Mobility.

    Bloomberg energy charts show Tesla in 2020 or just before at $75 kwh where they predicted global average to be at in 2030. This is what petrol Blackberry to Tesla iphone looks like. There is no too big to fail protecting petro- not when you get way better economic gains from ripping up and replacing petrol with green, while blocking the socialization of petrol losses.

    Another point is Tesla was ahead on autonomy but then the subcontractor made unreasonable demands probably upon learning Tesla was going in house. That was followed by Tesla getting Apple's lead software guy to head the project- but that ended abruptly curiously just as Waymo demostrated the holy grail. But then what happened (?) - Google(Waymo) after 11years work went all the way in the midsts of Tesla's retool, so then what happened just as Google was about to get the ring their lead person left to head up a Tesla's autonomy effort. Now their lead guy may not have been with the Google effort for the duration of Google's effort but it fits what may be a pattern. The designer of the Tesla Semi (although he worked on the model S,) before coming to Tesla led the design the dominating by global market share truck Cascadia at Mercedes freightliner.

    It seems that under Tesla Mobility what Tesla is selling is personal robots. So at some point the machine that builds the machine may come down to dispatching a set of autonomous robots to a site and adding time.
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