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    Musk may have let the accelerations numbers out when he said 3gs for the Spacex package. If that is constant from a start that would be .91 seconds 0-60. I saw something that pegged the torque for the roadster at about 7400 ftlbs about the same as a Top Fuel dragster and about 4x the 2nd gen Rimacs and Pininfarina electric. Now of course the top fuel dragster will be much lighter at about 2300lbs with much greater total traction patch and much greater down force and will be more than 2x as quick 0-60 and be going well over 300mph by the time the roadster reaches 100mph. But a top fuel dragster is literally 26000x less fuel efficient at 200 gallons per mile of consumption and the engine is good for about one mile or 900 revolutions before it needs all new plugs etc assuming the motor survives that long. It also doesn't have street functional turning, breaking or throttle modulation, its a one seat motor sled and you can't buy fuel for it at any gas station, and it really can't be modified for any kind of streetable situation. But there are already electric funny cars.

    Top fuel is not a drivable car, but for comparison this is in an era where it might be said the Tesla S and X were straight line machines like an old Foxbat Mig and we need to be able to win on the non straight line race track but the level of advantage in some ways that a Top Fuel dragster has over a Tesla Roadster in a straight line quarter mile, it is that level of advantage that a Tesla Roadster will have over a Formula 1 in some ways except it is a fully functional car where the formula 1 that costs 50-60x and is a one seat 4 wheel motor cycle. Actually Tesla Roaders will be more refined than an ICE car on the normal street. Now if you're just now talking about acceleration the SpaceX package should have the kind of advantage over a Formula 1 that a dragster would over the Tesla Roadster. But keep in mind that the dragster is said to hit 6gs off the line and 6gs at chute deployment and 8gs in hitting 200mph before half the quarter mile has elapses.

    But thrust vectoring for as long as it lasts could give the Tesla roadster advantage on cornering as well for as long as it lasts- don't know if there is even 90 seconds of cold thrust- but it could be recharging the tank as its being used. Might be more reusable than thought. Roadster is about half the NM of some of the biggest earth movers. Formula 1 will be lower, lighter, more aerodynamic with more down force and more grippy tires, but while the SpaceX thrust vectoring is available the roadster might hold its own on corners and braking or do even better on breaking or corners but it will crush the Formula 1 on acceleration and at least match the best Formula 1 even without the thrust vectoring.

    We also know from what Musk said on run rate, depending on the mix of founder's series and original that it might bring in 2-3 billion a year in revenue. I think it will destroy the super car market.

    Supposing there were about 600 top fuel engines to magically swap out over the run, with about 122000lbs of fuel it run through the Roadster range of 600 plus miles at top speed in just under 2hrs.

    Now Musk is also saying that for under 50K the Tesla Pick Up will be a better truck than a F-150 and outperform a Porsche 911 at the track. Now of course the model that does that may or may not be a bit over the base of under 50k mark but it shows that Musk is over achieving on delivering world shaking promises as usual. He is proving ICE obsolete as he promised. I think the short burn of the millennium is coming.

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